Jerusalem Municipality Wins 1st-Place Award - Jerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem Municipality Wins 1st-Place Award

​The Jerusalem Municipality won today (Wednesday, April 25th, 2018) a first-place finish in the Israel Center for Management’s competition for Excellence in Service and Customer Experience in the Public Sector.

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​The award is bestowed for the diverse and innovative processes that the Jerusalem Municipality is leading to improve service and accessibility of municipal services to the residents.

Over the last four years, the Jerusalem Municipality has been leading a cross-departmental process to improve both extra- and intra-organizational service. Quality, innovative, transparent, accessible, sensitive, and excellent service has been defined as one of the Municipality's strategic goals.

In this framework, the Municipality has led a number of innovative initiatives such as "Yashir LeBakir (a hotline to the city's executives)" and "Service to Your Doorstep", to create trust and an open and effective dialogue with residents, business owners and employees.

A revolution of satisfaction of the inhabitants with the service of the Municipality has been started, along with additional significant in-depth processes, such as the instigation of advanced queuing systems, a sign language service, a foreign language service, daily activity in uncompromising assessment, and assimilation of the culture and the language of service with every contact and every day.

Mayor Nir Barkat said, "I am proud of the employees of the Jerusalem Municipality, who have led a tremendous change in the perception of service towards residents, and have revolutionized service to the residents adding to their satisfaction. We will continue to work for the residents."

Jerusalem Municipality Director-General, Amnon Merhav, said: "This is a great source of pride and satisfaction. Improving service is a strategic goal of the Jerusalem Municipality. We have proven once again that we have the power to change reality, even in a field as difficult and complex as service. We have led a change in the organizational culture, and now it is evident that this has penetrated every part of the organization, and the customers feel it. Working to improve service will not cease, and we will all continue to lead in the provision of service for the city's inhabitants."

The Director of the Quality of Service Authority, Sima Sinai, said: "It is a privilege and a great responsibility to be a part of the wonderful service processes that are taking place in the public sector, whose goal is to change the quality of public service in Israel, and I am proud of the revolutionary processes that we have led in the Jerusalem Municipality for the benefit of the residents."

The Excellence in Service and Customer Experience Competition is a unique project whose aim is to promote and enhance awareness of outstanding service in Israel, and to honor companies and organizations that have made extraordinary moves in the field of service. The competition helps companies measure their service strategy with respect to the business environment in which they operate, with the intention of encouraging and harnessing organizations and companies in a process of continuous improvement in the service sector in Israel.

The competition has been held for the past 15 years, and its aim is to promote and enhance awareness of outstanding service in Israel, and to honor companies and organizations that have made exceptional improvements in the field of service.

In recent years, a variety of organizations and companies from various fields have participated in the competition, including Pelephone, Hot, Electra Consumer Products, Tadiran, Pazgas, Clal Insurance, Direct Insurance, Visa CAL, El Al, Tnuva, Microsoft, Bezeq International, Strauss Water, Tornado, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Clalit Healthcare Services, the Weizmann Institute, the Israeli Employment Service, the National Insurance Institute, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Haifa Municipality, and others.

The competition encourages organizations and companies to enter into a process of continuous improvement of customer service, and aims towards the creation of a measurable standard and model of quality of service in organizations and companies. In addition, the winning organizations use the competition as a marketing tool to leverage the activity in the field.

Photo: Jerusalem Municipality