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A Night in the Square info/Pages/nightinsquare.aspxA Night in the Square<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/LalyelaKikar.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p style="text-align:left;">The most successful housing solution in Manhattan, Washington DC, and London has landed in Jerusalem: check out the newest urban living solution – co-living pods, where housing meets 21<sup><font size="2">th </font></sup>century needs. </p><p style="text-align:left;">Welcome to the world's cheapest Airbnb: only $10 a night – and Safra Square is yours to call home.</p>This must be the best Airbnb deal ever. The Municipality of Jerusalem invites you to spend the night in a bijou, immaculately designed 25-square-meter pod that will be placed in Safra Square during the month of August. The fully-furnished unit includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, shower, and toilet, and comes equipped with air conditioning, television, and all possible amenities. The cost per night is only $10 (36 NIS), including security.This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is on offer to the public from August 2 to 8. Registration for a single night (3 pm to 9 am) is available on the Airbnb website from July 24 to 26, and 4 lucky guests will be drawn in a raffle held among all Airbnb bookings. The winners will enjoy a night of special extras, including a visit from the Mayor, deliveries from nearby restaurants, publicity on social networks, and more.One lucky guest will win a free night! Want to be that guest? Post your reason on our Facebook page in the most creative way you can think of, and it might be you!The Safra Square Co-Living Project is a special cooperation between the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. It is part of the campaign led by the Municipality of Jerusalem for raising awareness of co-living solutions, also including a conference discussing these solutions. Arising from the realization that the current housing market caters only to families, the ultimate goal is to adapt the co-living model to Israeli reality, including bringing government housing regulations up-to-date. Co-living 90 percent of our time in 40 percent of our living spaceCo-living is a growing housing trend around the world. Cohabitation in cities started out as a community co-housing model in Scandinavia in the 1970s-1980s, when residents came together to purchase and manage communal housing solutions.This model has been adopted around the world, and some of the most successful co-living projects include Carmel Place (Ollie) in Manhattan, 5 buildings at Old Oak in London, and communities in Brooklyn, Washington, and Pittsburgh.Co-living redefines housing as a commodity and a service. It rests on the realization that 90 percent of the time, people are using only 40 percent of their living space. Co-living means shrinking personal space and increasing communal areas instead.Practically speaking, the housing model offers rent-only units with shared public spaces, operated by a management company offering serviced living, including maintenance, resident screening, and a rich community experience.Renters enjoy a communal life, but as opposed to the older co-living community model, do not take part in ownership or establishment of either the building or the community. Co-habitation is now a new market commodity – a rewarding residential experience for young renters, and a lucrative opportunity for developers.Communal areas in the building include a laundry room doubling as a lounge, a large common room with seating areas and a dining area, and a residents' club for parties, events, and movie screenings. The living units come fully-furnished with a bed, a sofa, etc., and equipped with a fridge, a television, and other amenities.Residents pay a monthly fee covering rent, community events, personal unit utilities (water, gas, electricity, city tax), communications (cable TV, internet), cleaning services (twice a month), and a maintenance fee. The conference on co-living will be held at the Koresh Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday, July 30.The co-living pod will be on display at Safra Square on July 30 – August 15, 2018.For further details, please contact Ravit Carmeli at Stern-Ariely-Saar PR, on 052-6678357.Competition terms and conditionsFurther details available on the Airbnb site7/28/2018 9:00:00 PM
Building a Future – Thinking Outside the Box info/Pages/BuildingaFuture.aspxBuilding a Future – Thinking Outside the Box<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/BuildingFuture.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The Municipality of Jerusalem is promoting a planning reform for public institutions that will allow allocation of additional lots for kindergartens, day care centers, mother-baby clinics, and so on, with the aim of providing solutions for thousands of future housing units.</p>​The new planning reform for public institutions in Jerusalem will be brought before the District Planning and Building Committee on Monday, July 30, 2018.The reform changes the planning approach for the city's public zones and their utilization, and will make it possible to cluster different public uses, such as kindergartens, mother-baby clinics, and day care centers, in a single lot. This will lead to optimized land use and allow sufficient construction of public institutions for providing services for thousands of new housing units in the future.In addition, the reform will enable developers to receive approval for additional units in plans that were already approved, on condition that extra space is also allocated for public institutions.This reform is vital for addressing the continuous growth of the city and the constant need for additional housing units. Projections predict an addition of 100,000 housing units to the city by 2040, representing population growth of 450,000 people. This projection has prompted the Municipality to prepare a local master plan for public spaces, which will allow the addition of construction area designated for public institutions, leaving more land for residential use.7/28/2018 9:00:00 PM
A Jerusalem Summer info/Pages/JerusalemSummer.aspxA Jerusalem Summer<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/fun1.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="trans-verified-button-small" dir="ltr"><span lang="en"><span>The International Children's illustration Festival, the International Children's Olympics in Jerusalem, Summertime for young people in Jerusalem, Cinema on the moonlit square, Iceland in the Arena - and more.</span> <span>Dozens of attractions, concerts and events await you throughout the city, neighborhoods and cultural institutions.</span> <span>Mayor Barkat: "I invite everyone to spend the summer in Jerusalem!"</span></span></div><p>​</p>​Main EventsThe "Outline – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem" Festival The "Outline – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem" Festival brings the contents of books out into the public area. Illustration is an artistic genre that we often encounter along the way, in children's books or magazines, and now it's taking center stage. The words of poems and stories, which mainly appear in print, rise up from the pages and reveal their many faces. In a week of exhibitions, events and art events open to the public, we will examine the relationship between images and words.For more information Click here to the Facebook page Summertime for Youth in Jerusalem ​The Jerusalem Municipality will hold more than 800 events and activities for youth in the "White Nights" framework, over the summer vacation.For further information click here International Children's Olympics--ICG For the first time in Israel, Jerusalem will host the Children's Olympics from July 29 to August 2.Child and young adult athletes will arrive at the city from some 90 different cities around the world, for the Children's Olympics (ICG = International Children's Games).A spectacular opening event will be held at the Sultan's Pool on July 29.Click here for the International Children's Games website. Can't Stop Moving ​The Jerusalem Municipality Sports Department invites all of the city's residents to a variety of free sporting events throughout the city.For more information click here Iceland at the Arena Get ready for an experience that will freeze your summer. July 8 through August 31 between 900 and 2200.For more information click here Movies Under the Moon Light Come enjoy free movies for the whole family under the light of the moon.Following a successful 2017 summer season, we're back with lots of new movies for families and the general public, with even more upgraded movie screenings!For more information click here International Film Festival Jerusalem 2018 The Jerusalem Film Festival takes place in Jerusalem from July 26 to August 5, 2018.​The film festival hosts quality films, artists and actors, and will be held for the 35th year in Jerusalem.For the Jerusalem Film Festival website click here7/18/2018 9:00:00 PM
Summertime for Youth in Jerusalem info/Pages/Summertime.aspxSummertime for Youth in Jerusalem<img alt="" src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/summertime.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The Jerusalem Municipality will hold more than 800 events and activities for youth in the "White Nights" framework, over the summer vacation.</p>​The activities will take place throughout the neighborhoods and will include Workshops, classes, courses, karaoke evenings, poetry reading evenings, films, and drama classes, preparatory transition courses for 6th grade graduates, MDA courses, mobile chill corners throughout the neighborhoods, pool evenings, and more. In the "Youth Capital" events, the singers Nadav Guedj and Maor Edri will perform.The Jerusalem Municipality is organizing, for the fourth year, the "White Nights" project, in which hundreds of varied and attractive activities are held for Jerusalem youth during the evening and night. The activities will take place throughout the months of the summer vacation, in all of the city's neighborhoods and for all sectors of the population at no cost (except for a small number of external activities). The project will operate from mid-June to the end of August. The "White Nights" project has been taking place for several years at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality under the leadership of the Youth Division. The project was established in order to provide a social, educational, and attractive solution for youth, close to the neighborhoods where they live. 40,000 youngsters have benefited from the initiative—a number which is even expected to increase this year.Within the framework of the program, a variety of activities will be held in the neighborhoods public screenings of the World Cup Finals, artist workshops with Dean Miroshnikov, Shlomi Koriat, Israel Atias, styling and makeup workshops for girls, MDA courses, illumination, carpentry, pool evenings with trips to the Meymadion water park, Superland, Yamit 2000, preparatory transitional activities for 6th grade graduates for the transition to junior high school, illuminated sports arenas - soccer and basketball tournaments, mobile chill corners throughout the neighborhoods, youth clubs that are open almost every evening, where there are a variety of single-session workshops such as chef workshops, chocolate workshops, sushi workshops, and more.Some of the workshops require early registration and a nominal fee.This year, the activities in the neighborhoods have been increased, and the programs have been adapted to all ages and sectors of the population, with an emphasis on encounters between new immigrants and veterans, secular and religious, youth from East and West Jerusalem, leisure and risk prevention, young leadership, and social involvement.During the summer months, there will be a number of urban top events"Children and Youth City" EventsIn cooperation with the Ministry of Education - will take place in eight youth groups In the neighborhoods - Har Homa June 28, Pisgat Ze'ev July 2, Yovalim July 25, Har Nof July 26, Romema July 26, Gonenim July 9, Baka July 27, and East Talpiot July 24. Details at the community councils."Youth Capital" EventsIn the First Station Complex, June 27 a performance by the singer Nadav Guedj, Youth Bands and a D.J. Pisgat Ze'ev, August 27th A performance by Maor Edri and a D.J.Free admission!Multi-Cultural Streetball in the Liberty Bell Complex, June 25Participation is by pre-registration at the the Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council Youth Center. The activity will take place in all of the city's neighborhoods, in cooperation with the Municipal Youth Council, and with the support of the Community Councils and various departments in the Municipality, both the Leisure Council and the Municipality in general, including the Division for the Advancement of Youth in the Education Administration.Also partnering - the Social and Youth Administration of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security - "A City without Violence", and the Jerusalem Association for the Fight against Drugs and Alcohol.Additional details and registration for the activities are available at the Youth Centers in the individual neighborhoods’ Community Councils.6/25/2018 9:00:00 PM
Pinati Dot.com info/Pages/PinatiDotcom.aspxPinati<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/DAV-30.jpg?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The Jerusalem Municipality will set up free websites and Facebook pages for Jerusalem small businesses.  Among these will be the legendary Pinati restaurant, the historical Falafel King, glaziers, cosmetologists, artists and more.  During one night 100 students will build digital packages for 250 of the city's businesses.</p>The Jerusalem Municipality will be taking the city's small businesses into the 21stcentury – this evening the Municipality, in cooperation with the Atidim Foundation, will hold a nighttime hackathon (social marathon) in which 100 students will build digital packages for 250 of the city's small businesses. Each business will receive a unique WIX website, a Facebook business page, digital presence on Google my Business, and directions to the business on Waze. Among the business selected for the project are the legendary Jerusalem institution Pinati, the Falafel and Shawarma King, which has been in business 71 years, Café Fresh, the Lock Whisperer, the Kings Gallery and a wide range of small businesses such as glaziers, printers, beauty salons and more.This is a joint project of the Jerusalem Municipality's development administration, the Atidim Foundation, Google Israel, WIX and the Hebrew University's Social Involvement Unit. Hundreds of businesses contacted the Jerusalem Municipality regarding the project, of which around 250 were selected according to the appropriate criteria. The project helps small Jerusalem businesses market their businesses for free, using digital tools. Competitive Hackathon Into the NightBuilding of the digital packages for all the businesses will be carried out in a hackathon, with the participation of 100 student volunteers, as part of their social involvement. In one night, the participating students will teach hundreds of small Jerusalem businesses how to create a digital presence. They have received professional training in digital marketing from top experts, and will have just over 12 hours to turn 250 Jerusalem businesses into digital businesses and to assist them in reaching new customers by digital means.The hackathon will be held in a competitive format, at the end of which each group will present its work to a team of judges. Each member of the winning team will win worthwhile prizes, such as a gift card worth thousands of shekels, a tour of Google, and more. All hackathon participants will receive Hutzot Hayotzer Festival tickets, and more.6/9/2018 9:00:00 PM
Digical: Everything You Need - Now From Your Smartphone info/Pages/digical.aspxDigical: Everything You Need - Now From Your Smartphone<img alt=" " src="/en/Municipality/Municipal%20info/PublishingImages/digical_message-02.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>As part of the digital renewal process, we're upgrading our services and offer you easy, fast, and convenient service: online forms at the touch of a button and a dedicated search system.</p>​The Municipality is in the course of a digital renewal process, where the Municipality's central services are moving over to an online system, to offer easy, fast, and convenient service to the residents.This week, we launched "Digical"-- a system of online forms in a variety of fields, along with a dedicated search system that will help you find what you are looking for. The service is in Hebrew. Click here for the service.5/23/2018 9:00:00 PM
Barkat to Ministry of Transport: Allocate Resources for the Recruitment of Bus Drivers info/Pages/busdrivers.aspxBarkat to Ministry of Transport: Allocate Resources for the Recruitment of Bus Drivers<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/one.PNG?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>Mayor Barkat participated in a Knesset Economics Committee discussion on public transportation in Jerusalem and called on the Ministry of Transport to allocate resources for the recruitment of bus drivers in order to improve service to residents and visitors.</p> Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, took part in a Knesset Economics Committee discussion on Jerusalem public transportation this week, noting that, "until completion of the construction of the light rail system, the Ministry of Transport must allocate substantial resources to recruit additional bus drivers in Jerusalem, and to offer bonuses to drivers coming to Jerusalem to improve the service." He also said that, "Jerusalem chose public transportation. It's a good thing we did, because looking forward, there is no substitute for efficient public transportation."Barkat emphasized that, "until completion of the construction of the light rail system in the coming years, Jerusalem's reliance on buses will be absolute. Since the security incidents three years ago, there has been a great shortage of drivers in Jerusalem which has not yet been filled. If Jerusalem's residents are unable to rely on the timely arrival of buses when planning their day, we are going backwards instead of forwards."The Mayor explained that, "in the past, when there was a shortage of police, the Public Security Ministry added 1,200 positions and raised salaries through a special bonus for those serving in Jerusalem – an initiative that provided a quality solution to the city's security needs. Using that analogy, given the current shortage of bus drivers, which harms Egged's operations, the Ministry of Transport needs to allocate substantial resources for use in recruiting additional drivers, and should even offer bonuses to drivers willing to come to Jerusalem in order to improve the service."In addition, Barkat referred to the decision that Jerusalem will be the first city to issue a tender for the operation of a large number of service taxis that will improve the city's public transportation, saying that, "this is important news for residents, and I thank Transport Minister, Israel Katz, and the Chairman of the Economics Committee, MK Eitan Cabel."In his closing remarks, Barkat added that, "In Jerusalem, we have been blessed with very strong residents who know how to raise flags and demand solutions to problems that arise in the field, and I congratulate all of the organizations involved. I believe in the Ministry of Transport, its attentive ear, and its ability to respond to the challenges of Jerusalem during the period of transition to the rail system."3/17/2018 10:00:00 PM
Netanyahu and Barkat: team to be formed to solve Church property municipal taxes info/Pages/churchesbarkat.aspxNetanyahu and Barkat: team to be formed to solve Church property municipal taxes<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/pinuy.PNG?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Barkat agreed on the creation of a professional team to be headed by Minister Hanegbi, with the participation of all parties, to formulate a solution for the issue of municipal taxes on church lands that are not houses of worship.</p>By means of talks between the Prime Minister's Office and the Jerusalem Municipality on the matter of tax collection on land owned by churches, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, agreed on the establishment of a professional team to handle the matter. The team will be headed by Minister Hanegbi and will include representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Interior, and the Jerusalem Municipality. The team will formulate the outline of a solution for the matter of property taxes for Church lands that are not houses of worship, and will negotiate with representatives of the churches to settle the issue.As a result of the decision, and with the approval of the city's legal advisor, during the duration of the team's work., the Jerusalem Municipality will suspend tax collection procedures that have been carried out in recent weeks.3/17/2018 10:00:00 PM
Making Service Accessible with Sign Language info/Pages/SignLanguage.aspxMaking Service Accessible with Sign Language<img alt=" " src="/Residents/PlanningandBuilding/Accessibility/Accessibility/PublishingImages/Signlang.JPG?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The Jerusalem Municipality in Proud to Present: Making Municipality Services Accessible to the Hearing Impaired</p>​Ever been in a situation where you had to deal with bureaucracy like arnona, parking permits, school registration – but no one would listen to you? We, at the Municipality, recognize the importance of listening to you and providing you with the best possible service. We're proud to update you regarding a new service that will soon be launched for the hearing impaired a sign language translator who will personally accompany and translate municipality services for you. The translators will be at your service at Safra Square and will accompany and assist you in receiving service from all departments on Sunday 800 a.m. – 100 p.m. Tuesday 300 p.m. – 600 p.m. The service is provided free of charge and does not require prior coordination. All you have to do is come. 3/18/2017 10:00:00 PM
Jerusalem Municipality App info/Pages/JerusalemMunicipalityNewApp.aspxJerusalem Municipality App<img alt="" src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/app_mess1.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>We have taken our technology up a notch! Access the website and download “Yerushalmi” – the new Jerusalem Municipality app. </p>​The new Yerushalmi app. brings digital services closer to you that ever before Where to find entertainment and recreation spots, submitting applications for parking stickers, appealing parking tickets and fines, making payments, loading Rav Kav cards, etc. – directly from your cellular smart phone.Through the Yerushalmi app. you can also register for Jerusalem city benefits and the application will display for you, anywhere you are, the closest and most relevant benefits for you. Do you already have a Yerushalmi card? You can register by means of a few simple steps and convert your Yerushalmi Card to a digital presence. The service comes to the palm of your hand and will be at your fingertips. Using Yerushalmi you will be able toObtain updates about events taking place all over the cityDispatch inquiries or notifications to the 106 hotline – directly from your smart phone, including attaching photographs, from wherever you are, on the spot, quickly and easily, and to obtain updates regarding the status of your inquiry. Obtain notifications that are relevant only to you based upon your residential address and neighborhood. Obtain information regarding parking lots and parking garages and the hours of business thereof.For Frequently Asked Questions about the Jerusalem App click hereAnd much more...So what are you waiting for?For Android smart phones and tablets, click here.For iPhones and iPads, click here. 6/4/2016 9:00:00 PM



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Musical Summer in JerusalemMusical Summer in Jerusalem 9:00:00 PM1/1/1970 12:00:00 AMללא תאריך
Iceland at the ArenaIceland at the Arena 9:00:00 PM1/1/1970 12:00:00 AMללא תאריך
Meeting in the ParkMeeting in the Park 9:00:00 PM1/1/1970 12:00:00 AMללא תאריך
Netanyahu and Barkat: team to be formed to solve Church property municipal taxesNetanyahu and Barkat: team to be formed to solve Church property municipal taxes info/Pages/churchesbarkat.aspx3/17/2018 10:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
Building a Future – Thinking Outside the BoxBuilding a Future – Thinking Outside the Box info/Pages/BuildingaFuture.aspx7/28/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
Barkat to Ministry of Transport: Allocate Resources for the Recruitment of Bus DriversBarkat to Ministry of Transport: Allocate Resources for the Recruitment of Bus Drivers info/Pages/busdrivers.aspx3/17/2018 10:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך

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