The cooperative car is coming to Jerusalem - Jerusalem Municipality

The cooperative car is coming to Jerusalem

​Car2Go will set up a cooperative system of about 30 vehicles in the city, to which designated parking spaces will be allocated.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​Car2Go was chosen to set up a cooperative car system in Jerusalem, as part of a tender that we put out to operate a system of cooperative vehicles that will provide a solution for residents and visitors in the city.

In the first stage, the system will employ at least 17 active vehicles continuously, and in the second stage, 18 additional active vehicles will be added to the service of the cooperative vehicle system. The system will allow rental of vehicles to customers who make occasional use of vehicles, for short and long periods of time - within the city or from the city to the outside. In addition, dedicated parking spaces will be allocated to users of these vehicles.
The array of cooperative vehicles is needed for the transportation revolution in Jerusalem, which is the most advanced in Israel. The division includes the World Center of Autonomous Vehicles, led by Mobily, the light rail lines, a fast train to the center of the country, a tourist cable car in the Old City, and more.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat emphasized that "we are constantly investing in the development and introduction of new and advanced transportation technologies that will meet the needs of the city of Jerusalem in the coming years. The transport revolution in the city of Jerusalem. "