An extensive cleaning operation is continuing for the holidays - Jerusalem Municipality

Extensive holiday clean-up campaign continues

​Mayor Nir Barkat has approved an NIS 5 million budget supplement for the citywide cleanliness and maintenance campaign

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has announced that in the coming weeks a campaign to upgrade, clean and maintain selected central sites in the neighborhoods will be undertaken, as part of an enhanced effort by the Operations Administration in coordination with community administrations. The cost of the campaign is NIS 5 million, which supplements the upgrade, cleanliness and maintenance plan at an additional annual cost of NIS 13 million. Under the plan, 100 new sanitation workers have been allocated, including 63 street sweepers in the city’s neighborhoods. 12 new sanitation crews are operating on new garbage collection routes and have ensured the removal of garbage at a frequency of up to six times per week. The budget in question is highly significant, and has been approved in recent years to achieve an immediate improvement in Jerusalem’s cleanliness and appearance.
The sites were chosen for increased cleaning based on criteria which include the general public’s affinity to them and the current level of appearance of the area. The campaign will include tours of sites to view the current problems of each area and will ensure careful consideration in the decision-making regarding further action to improve the appearance, safety and quality of the sites. The campaign’s stages will include upgrades and renovations, the marking of roads and parking spaces, the replacement of railings and traffic signs, pruning, and finally, cleaning the site. Green areas at the sites will be improved and bicycle anchorages will be installed.
Routine maintenance of the city’s gardens and public spaces will also be carried out alongside the cleanliness and upgrade project, in the form of increased cleaning in the afternoons and on holidays, the planting of seasonal flowers for the holidays at all squares, and adding trash cans where they are missing or broken.
Furthermore, the Municipal Policing and Enforcement Department is being harnessed to the cleanliness task through a street washing system in the neighborhoods, the removal of posters from walls and, in exceptional cases, the cleaning of stone surfaces and stairs.
The campaign will continue through Sukkot.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, “We promised that, in the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s unification, we would use finances we secured to implement numerous plans, which will change the face of the city and tangibly improve the quality of life in it. The plan approved today proves above all that we are keeping our word. The sanitation and maintenance services are an important pillar of the quality of life of the city’s residents, and I am confident that the plan will contribute greatly to both the quality of life and to improving the city landscape.”