Netanyahu and Barkat: Team to be Formed to Solve Church Property Municipal Taxes - Jerusalem Municipality

Netanyahu and Barkat: team to be formed to solve Church property municipal taxes

​Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Barkat agreed on the creation of a professional team to be headed by Minister Hanegbi, with the participation of all parties, to formulate a solution for the issue of municipal taxes on church lands that are not houses of worship.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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By means of talks between the Prime Minister's Office and the Jerusalem Municipality on the matter of tax collection on land owned by churches, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, agreed on the establishment of a professional team to handle the matter. The team will be headed by Minister Hanegbi and will include representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Interior, and the Jerusalem Municipality. The team will formulate the outline of a solution for the matter of property taxes for Church lands that are not houses of worship, and will negotiate with representatives of the churches to settle the issue.

As a result of the decision, and with the approval of the city's legal advisor, during the duration of the team's work., the Jerusalem Municipality will suspend tax collection procedures that have been carried out in recent weeks.