Yakir Yerushalaim Honorary Award 2019

Yakir Yerushalaim Honorary Award 2019

​​The Yakir Yerushalayim Honorary Citizen Award is granted to residents of Jerusalem, whose public activity was mainly conducted in the city of Jerusalem, who acted in the city and/or on its behalf, and who are at least 65 years of age.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The award is conferred to individual’s who have influenced and impacted the city in the following areas: education, culture, public activity, tolerance and bringing people together, volunteer activities and charity, research and academia, development and infrastructures, religion and Jewish heritage.
The committee may also grant the award to a worthy candidate whose activities were not in the above-mentioned areas.
Any resident, organization and/or any other entity may submit a recommendation for conferring the award to an individual according to the above areas. The recommendation, specifying the reasons and including the nominee’s CV will be submitted to the Committee secretary, Mr. Avida Yanai, at Safra Square Building 1, 6th floor. Forms can be submitted Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday, between 09:00-12:00. The information can also be submitted online through the municipality website no later than February 7, 2019.


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Contact person: Elkana Yaakobovitz:  Elkana_ya@jerusalem.muni.il

Telephone: 02-6297720