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Removing UNRWA from Jerusalem

​Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat ordered city sanitation workers to enter Shuafat Camp for the first time in history to institute regular cleaning services. In the near future, the failing UNRWA education, welfare and health services will be replaced by successful municipal services until full sovereignty is exercised

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​As part of Barkat's plan to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem and end the refugee lie, 15 sanitation workers, at the direction of the Mayor, entered the Shuafat camp for the first time in history and began cleaning it, as part of regular cleaning operations that will now be conducted by the Municipality. 


The cleaning workers found hundreds of tons of garbage and construction waste that will be evacuated gradually. As part of the plan, the municipality will remove the garbage from the camp seven days a week, bringing in vehicles, tractors, compressor vehicles, and cranes in addition to the manual waste disposal.


As part of Barkat's plan, the Municipality will gradually replace all the inadequate services currently provided by UNRWA in the areas of sanitation, education, welfare and health services by the far superior services of the Jerusalem Municipality. The entry of municipal cleaning workers, which began today, is the first stage in implementing this plan, which is under the full authority of the municipality and is not dependent on government ministries.


Barkat, who arrived in the afternoon to supervise municipal employees and was impressed by the work, noted that "the era of UNRWA in Jerusalem is over. The time has come to stop the refugee lie in Jerusalem. There are no refugees in our city, only residents. They must receive their services from the municipality like any other resident. We are implementing the first phase of the UNRWA evacuation plan by taking responsibility for the cleanliness of the camp, and in the near future, together with the government, we will also provide education, welfare, and health services there until full sovereignty is achieved. The United States does not want UNRWA, Israel does not want UNRWA, and the residents do not want UNRWA."


The entry of municipal employees into camp was received with many sympathetic responses on social media by local residents, who have complained about the poor quality of UNRWA's services for some time. Some examples:

"At last ... may Allah help them", "the smell of the carcasses and the rotting dead reached all the way to Amman," "good luck", "the public should also help," "good, they should continue this regularly," "inshallah it will always be like that, well done," "they should be given double salary to clean the camp," "well done, but people must help keep it clean."


Attached are photographs of the municipal sanitation workers in the camp.


A video from Mayor Barkat will be distributed shortly. 


(Credit: Jerusalem Municipality Spokesperson)