Thousands of Flowers in a Thousand Colors - Jerusalem Municipality

Thousands of flowers in a thousand colors

Yesterday (Monday, September 11, 2017), the Landscape Improvement Division of the Operations Administration at the Jerusalem Municipality began an unprecedented operation to plant new seasonal flowers across the city before the Jewish New Year.

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9/27/2017 6:00 PM

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​Over the coming days, approximately 53,000 seasonal flowers and plants will be planted: balsam pear, petunias, angelonias, hollies, snapdragons, and other well-known, beautiful flowers will bring life to traffic islands, junctions, public parks, squares and gardens with wonderful splashes of color. The plants will be planted throughout the city: in the city center, Talpiyot, Emek Refaim, Katamon, Givat Shaul, Har Nof, Romema, Bayit Vegan, Har Homa, Armon HaNatziv, Ramat Eshkol, Gilo, and many other neighborhoods.
In accordance with the Municipality’s water conservation policy, the Landscape Improvement Division chose to plant thousands of these specific species because they are capable of flowering for a long time without necessitating daily care. These are high-quality plants that are planted regularly in many countries in Europe, both due to their beauty and their low cost, since they are economical when it comes to water usage.
Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, noted that  “in advance of the New Year we will paint Jerusalem in a variety of shades and with flowers that will warm the heart and receive thousands of visitors, tourists and guests making the pilgrimage to the Jerusalem of Gold.”
Operations Administration Head, Itzik Nidam: “We are investing many resources to improve the cityscape, and the tens of thousands of flowers that we will plant will flower across the city and improve its beauty.”
The flower-planting, which began yesterday (Monday, September 11, 2017), will be completed before Rosh Hashanah

Photo credit: Dudi Biton, Logistics-Parks Department

For details: Hadas Tenenbaum, Asst. Spokesperson, Community Administrations and Operations Spokesperson, 02-6297744, 053-7769839.