Sustainability during March - Jerusalem Municipality

Sustainability during March

​Sustainability -  Events in and around the city: March 2017

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3/14/2017 6:00 PM

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Homemade recycled paper, preparation benches and hive Bio - dynamite , second-hand fashion market and pastries stuffed with wild plants - 65 events and 30 organizations invite you to exist in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies, the Jerusalem Foundation and the environmental and social Botanical Gardens hub will launch March as the month of "Existance in Jerusalem": The first event of its kind in the city which connects all activities taking place in the city, and giving public expression to daily extensive groundbreaking work done during the Year regarding sustainability. All to raise awareness and increase access limits to residents. All events are in the following link.
Jerusalem workers over 70 and change agents including NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, designers and gardeners who promote the field of environment and sustainability Jerusalem as diverse as urban nature, urban agriculture, green building, transportation and energy.

Current month in Jerusalem connects a global trend, an opportunity to expose the resident and the visitors the Jerusalem municipal activity, organizations and other agents of change in the field of sustainability and environment. Participants will become acquainted with ways to improve the lifestyle and quality of life.
For the full list of events in hebrew click here