Summertime for Youth in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Municipality

Summertime for Youth in Jerusalem

​The Jerusalem Municipality will hold more than 800 events and activities for youth in the "White Nights" framework, over the summer vacation.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​The activities will take place throughout the neighborhoods and will include:


Workshops, classes, courses, karaoke evenings, poetry reading evenings, films, and drama classes, preparatory transition courses for 6th grade graduates, MDA courses, mobile chill corners throughout the neighborhoods, pool evenings, and more.
In the "Youth Capital" events, the singers Nadav Guedj and Maor Edri will perform.

The Jerusalem Municipality is organizing, for the fourth year, the "White Nights" project, in which hundreds of varied and attractive activities are held for Jerusalem youth during the evening and night. The activities will take place throughout the months of the summer vacation, in all of the city's neighborhoods and for all sectors of the population at no cost (except for a small number of external activities). The project will operate from mid-June to the end of August.
The "White Nights" project has been taking place for several years at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality under the leadership of the Youth Division. The project was established in order to provide a social, educational, and attractive solution for youth, close to the neighborhoods where they live. 40,000 youngsters have benefited from the initiative—a number which is even expected to increase this year.

Within the framework of the program,  a variety of activities will be held in the neighborhoods: public screenings of the World Cup Finals, artist workshops with Dean Miroshnikov, Shlomi Koriat, Israel Atias, styling and makeup workshops for girls, MDA courses, illumination, carpentry, pool evenings with trips to the Meymadion water park, Superland, Yamit 2000, preparatory transitional activities for 6th grade graduates for the transition to junior high school, illuminated sports arenas - soccer and basketball tournaments, mobile chill corners throughout the neighborhoods, youth clubs that are open almost every evening, where there are a variety of single-session workshops such as: chef workshops, chocolate workshops, sushi workshops, and more.

Some of the workshops require early registration and a nominal fee.

This year, the activities in the neighborhoods have been increased, and the programs have been adapted to all ages and sectors of the population, with an emphasis on encounters between new immigrants and veterans, secular and religious, youth from East and West Jerusalem, leisure and risk prevention, young leadership, and social involvement.

During the summer months, there will be a number of urban top events:

"Children and Youth City" Events

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education - will take place in eight youth groups:
In the neighborhoods - Har Homa: June 28, Pisgat Ze'ev: July 2, Yovalim: July 25, Har Nof : July 26, Romema: July 26, Gonenim: July 9, Baka: July 27, and East Talpiot: July 24.  Details at the community councils.

"Youth Capital" Events:

In the First Station Complex, June 27: a performance by the singer Nadav Guedj, Youth Bands and a D.J.
Pisgat Ze'ev, August 27th: A performance by Maor Edri and a  D.J.

Free admission!

Multi-Cultural Streetball in the Liberty Bell Complex, June 25

Participation is by pre-registration at the the Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council Youth Center.
The activity will take place in all of the city's neighborhoods, in cooperation with the Municipal Youth Council, and with the support of the Community Councils and various departments in the Municipality, both the Leisure Council and the Municipality in general, including the Division for the Advancement of Youth in the Education Administration.

Also partnering - the Social and Youth Administration of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security - "A City without Violence", and the Jerusalem Association for the Fight against Drugs and Alcohol.

Additional details and registration for the activities are available at the Youth Centers in the individual neighborhoods’ Community Councils.