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Smart under the sun: NIS 2 million will be spent to create shade at educational institutions. In the coming days a new project will get underway to install shade at all educational buildings and their playgrounds across Jerusalem

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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A project, led by Mayor and holder of the municipal education portfolio Nir Barkat, and with a special investment of NIS 2 million, has gotten underway. The project is another part of the comprehensive Jerusalem Education Administration program to improve and upgrade educational institutions in the city. Under the project, 189 shades will be built at kindergartens and schools: 69 kindergartens, 20 special education institutions, 65 elementary schools and 35 high schools.
The objective is to provide Jerusalem’s children at schools and kindergartens a basic and important need for proper learning conditions and a safe and pleasant time along with improved appearance and safety at educational institutions. As part of this measure, suitable shades have been constructed to meet the needs of every institution built in the past three years. The work at most kindergartens in the city will be completed by the end of 2017.
Mayor and holder of the municipal education portfolio Nir Barkat said, “Quality of education is also a condition for quality learning. Following our completion of the air conditioning project at all classrooms and kindergartens in the city, we are continuing to improve and upgrade the learning spaces and the shading of schoolyards, in order to offer an advanced comfortable learning environment, strengthening the education system and greatly contributing to the quality of education of our children.”
Education Administration Director, Aviv Keinan, said, “Ahead of the 2017-2018 school year, we are closing gaps in the matter of shading, allowing our students to enjoy a comfortable, enabling and safe learning environment. A school is not only a place where you learn mathematics or history; there is no question that a pleasant and shaded schoolyard is a key focus for the development of creativity and social relations.”