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Robots for Borrowing: do you want to borrow gadgets?

​Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy laptops, 3D cameras, or processors, a new library in Jerusalem will allow developers, students, and technology buffs to borrow innovative products and develop creative apps.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The developers and technology buffs’ community in Jerusalem is enjoying a new library equipped with innovative laptops, smartphones of different kinds, tablets, processors, 3D cameras, and robot assembly kits. The technology library is intended to help students, young people, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs – sworn technology buffs – to develop apps and invent breakthrough technology solutions.
The venture, The Device Lab, launched this week, is the initiative of Intel, Young Jerusalem, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage of Israel, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. It is intended to enable technologists to get hands on experience using the latest products without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to buy them.
For example, it will be possible to find in the laboratory the Intel-TAG Heuer smart watch, Asus and Lenovo Android OS smartphones, Google’s Chromebook laptop (which uses the Chromium operating system), Apple’s MacBook, Asus’s especially powerful ROG series gaming computer, Microsoft’s Surface series tablet and laptop, Intel NUC minicomputers, Edison series smart processors, and Intel’s RealSense cameras.
Borrowing from the library is free, after providing a deposit check. The amount of the deposit is derived from the value of the product to be loaned. The period of loan will vary according to the number of available items of the product and the demand. People can take out a company subscription at the site, which includes free use of the library for NIS 300 per month for six months and NIS 450 for an additional six months.

The Device Lab
The collaboration between Young Jerusalem and Intel will also include demonstration days with technology experts from Intel and other companies. The experts will help solve problems, give lectures and workshops, and will be available for consulting with professionals. Later, the library will cooperate with additional work places in Jerusalem, start-up accelerators, educational institutions, and Jerusalem technology companies. The library will also serve as a stage for companies to present new technologies to entrepreneurs and professional developers on special demonstration days.
Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage of Israel MK Zeev Elkin welcomed the new initiative, saying, “I am impressed by the bustling spirit here. No one doubts the deep historic roots of Jerusalem. Jerusalem has different images which do not match reality, because this city is also a city of young people, a thriving city of amazing academic institutions. It is also a high-tech city, belying its image, which is becoming a world leader – the last word has not yet been spoken. I am pleased that the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage of Israel has been given the opportunity to give you backing. The city deserves young people who will make it a leader in every field, especially in technological development. Do what you see fit, and we will help you get to where you want to go.”
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat emphasized, “The new gadgets’ library provides an international springboard for young entrepreneurs and Jerusalem innovation. It will give an edge to the young smartphone user who is just starting out, to develop with the help of the gadgets that the library will provide. It is no wonder that Jerusalem has been crowned as one of the world’s new and promising hubs of technology entrepreneurship. Jerusalem represents 3,000 years of innovation, and our experience shows that what succeeds in Jerusalem, succeeds worldwide.”
Intel Vice President Platform Engineering Group and General Manager of the Intel Development Center in Jerusalem, Shahaf Kieselstein, said that Intel’s team “were very pleased with our privilege to advance technology and entrepreneurship in Jerusalem. A thriving entrepreneurial community is an important asset for the city and the young people in it.”
Eldad Weil, the CEO of Young Jerusalem, said that the association “is very proud of the cooperation with Intel in creating the only gadgets’ library of its kind in Jerusalem. Establishment of the library will move Jerusalem’s high-tech scene forward and provide a developmental impetus for young men and women in the city.”