Israel's first Municipal Podcast - is in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Municipality

Israel's First Municipal Podcast - is in Jerusalem

​The Jerusalem Municipality is producing a first podcast of its kind, which deals with innovations in education and will be called "Hearing Education".  It will be distributed to some 18,000 educators throughout the country.  This is part of an ongoing process of developing educational innovation in the city.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​Podcasts are nothing new in the digital landscape, but a city which produces a podcast – that's something we have not yet seen.  The Jerusalem Municipality continues to position itself as Israel's innovation capital, and is embarking on a new type of process: production of a series of podcasts dealing with educational innovation.  The podcast is being created in cooperation with Education Now magazine, the Israeli Community Communications Association and the Education Administration.

The podcast provides Israeli educators with innovative, professional and quality knowledge presented by professionals who stand in front of classes on a daily basis – our teachers.  The podcast is hosted by Amnon Rabinovitch, a history and civics teacher and Principal of the Jerusalem's Ziv Middle School, who, once a fortnight, invites teachers and enlightening educators and holds discussions on a wide range of topics.

To listen to the podcast in Hebrew – click here.