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​The Jerusalem Municipality will set up free websites and Facebook pages for Jerusalem small businesses.  Among these will be the legendary Pinati restaurant, the historical Falafel King, glaziers, cosmetologists, artists and more.  During one night 100 students will build digital packages for 250 of the city's businesses.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The Jerusalem Municipality will be taking the city's small businesses into the 21stcentury – this evening the Municipality, in cooperation with the Atidim Foundation, will hold a nighttime hackathon (social marathon) in which 100 students will build digital packages for 250 of the city's small businesses. Each business will receive a unique WIX website, a Facebook business page, digital presence on Google my Business, and directions to the business on Waze.   Among the business selected for the project are the legendary Jerusalem institution Pinati, the Falafel and Shawarma King, which has been in business 71 years, Café Fresh, the Lock Whisperer, the Kings Gallery and a wide range of small businesses such as glaziers, printers, beauty salons and more.

This is a joint project of the Jerusalem Municipality's development administration, the Atidim Foundation, Google Israel, WIX and the Hebrew University's Social Involvement Unit.  Hundreds of businesses contacted the Jerusalem Municipality regarding the project, of which around 250 were selected according to the appropriate criteria.  The project helps small Jerusalem businesses market their businesses for free, using digital tools.


Competitive Hackathon Into the Night

Building of the digital packages for all the businesses will be carried out in a hackathon, with the participation of 100 student volunteers, as part of their social involvement.  In one night, the participating students will teach hundreds of small Jerusalem businesses how to create a digital presence.  They have received professional training in digital marketing from top experts, and will have just over 12 hours to turn 250 Jerusalem businesses into digital businesses and to assist them in reaching new customers by digital means.

The hackathon will be held in a competitive format, at the end of which each group will present its work to a team of judges.  Each member of the winning team will win worthwhile prizes, such as a gift card worth thousands of shekels, a tour of Google, and more.  All hackathon participants will receive Hutzot Hayotzer Festival tickets, and more.