New Tower for Mobileye in Har Hotzvim - Jerusalem Municipality

Coming soon: New Tower for Mobileye in Har Hotzvim

​The new Mobileye campus at Har Hotzvim will include a 30-story tower where 4,000 engineers from Jerusalem, whom the company has hired, will work. Mayor Barkat: “Mobileye’s expansion in the city is further evidence of the strength and power of Jerusalem’s high-tech industry.

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5/27/2017 6:00 PM

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The plan to expand the Mobileye campus at the Har Hotzvim High-Tech Park was submitted for approval by the Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Commission this week. The plan includes the construction of a 30-story tower alongside an eight-story building with four underground parking levels. The Planning Commission has sent the plan for deposit with the Jerusalem Regional Planning and Building Commission. The Mobileye expansion plan (no. 389452) was filed by Azorei Kisalon Ltd. and was drawn up Moshe Tzur Architects and Town Planners Ltd.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said, “Mobileye is the pride of Jerusalem, and has placed the city as a leader in the development of the autonomous vehicle. Mobileye’s expansion in Jerusalem is further evidence of the strength and power of the city’s high-tech industry, which is undergoing incredible flourishing and growth. We will continue to develop high-tech industry in Jerusalem and we will attract more foreign companies to strengthen the city’s economy, create new jobs, and benefit from the best minds in the world.”

Two months ago, Intel acquired Jerusalem-based Mobileye in the largest transaction in Israeli history. Following the acquisition, Intel announced that will move its Innovation Center for Autonomous Driving to Jerusalem, which will radiate on the entire industry and turn Jerusalem into the world’s largest autonomous vehicle center in the world. As a result, Mobileye will hire 4,000 Jerusalem engineers in the coming years, which will accelerate the city’s high-tech industry and bring more investment to it.

מגדל רב קומות למובילאיי בהר חוצבים 

In recent years, there has been heavy investments, with the support of the Israeli government, in thinking outside the box and offering incentives to develop Jerusalem high tech and turn Israel’s capital into a preferred environment in every possible way.

In the past two years, high-tech employment in Jerusalem has grown by 28%, compared with the national average of 8%. The number of high-tech employees in the city rose from 14,400 in 2013 to 18,500 in 2015. At the same time, the number of start-ups in Jerusalem has doubled in the past three years from 250 to 500 companies (more than 100 companies a year).

Investment in Jerusalem companies has risen from $58 million to $250 million, after years in which only 25 new companies were founded in the city annually. The Startup Genome report for 2017 ranks Jerusalem 21st among world’s top innovation cities, which support the establishment of start-ups.