New Express Line from Ammunition Hill to the Mount of Olives - Jerusalem Municipality

New Express Line from Ammunition Hill to the Mount of Olives

​The new 84 line will operate at peak usage times, Sundays through Thursdays from 08:30 to 19:45, serving residents and visitors headed to the sites on the Mount.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​The buses will be armored and will enable safe arrival at the site, while optimizing the route, which has only five stops in either direction.  Mayor Barkat: "The new bus line is great news for thousands of residents and visitors to the Mount of Olives."  For additional information please dial *8787 or call the municipal call center at 106.

At the initiative of Mayor Nir Barkat, operation of a new circular bus line in Jerusalem was approved this week by the National Public Transport Authority.  The line will go from the Ammunition Hill light railway station to important Mount of Olives destinations, as well as to the magnificent Seven Arches Observatory, also on the Mount.  The new 84 line will be operated by Egged, and will operate during the heavy demand periods, Sundays through Thursdays between 08:30 and 19:45.

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The new line, which Barkat initiated and pushed for the benefit of residents and visitors to the Mount of Olives, was planned by the Public Transport Department of the Jerusalem Transportation Planning team.  It will run along a short and very efficient route – from the Ammunition Hill light railway station, through the Government Center in East Jerusalem, President Aharon Katzir Street, Yitzhak Hanadiv / Wadi Joz, the Seven Arches Observatory and the Mount of Olives.  It will return through via Yitzhak Hanadiv / Martin Buber, Hebrew University Blvd. near Mount Scopus, and will end at the Ammunition Hill light railway station.

The new line will be integrated into the transportation system we are developing, and will connect the light rail to the cable car that will reach the Mount of Olives.  Experts from the Jerusalem Transportation Planning team will monitor its optimal operation and will implement improvements according to the situation on the ground.  In addition, other transportation improvements designed to improve and streamline traffic in the in the area are expected.

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat emphasized that, "The Mount of Olives is a major tourist attraction in Jerusalem, and the home of many residents.  Each year, millions of tourists from Israel and abroad visit the attractions on the Mount, and their need for adequate public transportation has become very vital.  I am certain that thanks to the new line, many more visitors will come to the Mount of Olives and visit its magnificent sites.  I would like to thank Minister of Transportation Israel Katz for his assistance and support in advancing this new line and its approval.