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Revolutionizing Making an Appointment

​Revolutionizing Making an Appointment: Going from 50 Minutes Waiting Time Down to 3 Minutes

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​The results are in: Presently, the time to wait in line at the Municipality's various service centers stands at between 3 to 6 minutes for people making an appointment, as compared to 50 minutes in the past in the regular queue.

About a month after the transition to the appointment-making system, the Jerusalem Municipality noted the excellent results with satisfaction, and revealed data from the inspections conducted by the Municipal Service Authority.

Whereas in the past the average waiting time in some of the Municipality's departments was 20-50 minutes on average, today the users of the new appointment-making system wait only 5:48 minutes on average.

For example, during the last week, the queue at the Residential Department stood at only 3 minutes on average, 5 minutes on average in the Property Tax Discount Department, only 7 minutes in the East Jerusalem Department, and 6.4 minutes in the Assessment Department.

In addition, a sharp increase of 288% (!) in the use of online forms was recorded in November 2018, compared to the same period last year. Many residents prefer to fill in the forms online without having to arrive at the municipality--which also leads to shorter waiting times for those arriving.


Fast digital services, without having to come to the Municipality

As part of the revolution, the Municipality has completed transforming most of the Municipality's services to digital and quick, so that the residents can receive the majority of the municipal services from home or from the Municipality's app without having to arrive at the Municipality, from anywhere and at any time. Among the various services are: various payments, parking issues, promoting businesses, construction licensing, and many additional services. In addition, the Municipality operates a human-response call center in many languages, including Arabic, French, Amharic, Russian, and even Yiddish. Thus, even those who are familiar with the digital world can receive service with maximum convenience.

The residents attest to their great satisfaction with the change, in the feedback responses that they filled out by hand: "It's a wonderful experience to make an appointment through the website--almost without waiting in line"; "I booked an appointment through the site, and I did not wait in line. It's a huge improvement".

In a meeting held this week, with the participation of department managers in the Municipality, together with large-scale clients, such as entrepreneurs in the area of planning and construction, planning presenters, and representatives of the Jerusalem Organization of Contractors, there was great satisfaction expressed regarding the development, and there is a consensus that it improves the quality of service.

A giant step to optimizing service and shortening waiting times

In the next few days, a digital service center will be set up on the ground floor of the Municipality, where those applying for municipal services will be able to perform a wide range of activities independently by digital means, without having to wait for a clerk. Service attendants that will operate in the area will assist applicants in becoming familiar with the digital services.

About a month ago, the Jerusalem Municipality announced an unprecedented revolution in service, in which arriving at the Municipality will only be by making an appointment in advance, as is the case at the various Kupat Cholim centers, the post office, and many other institutions. This is done in order to save residents from having to wait in line and the long waiting time in order to receive service, and to streamline service for the resident.

For this revolution, a system for making appointments in advance was prepared for use on the Jerusalem Municipality website and the Jerusalemite app, along with a unified call center at the number *3552 for all of the services. Any resident can make an appointment in advance, and arrive at it without waiting in line and without wasting their time.

The Municipality's CEO, Amnon Merchav, emphasized that, "We are proud to see that the service revolution is indeed bringing relief, improvement and streamlining of service to the residents as was planned, and brings the Municipality to the highest standards as is customary in the world of service. The time of the residents is precious to us, and therefore we do not spare any effort or investment of resources. The Jerusalem Municipality will continue to work constantly to become more efficient, to improve and lead the services provided to the residents, reducing the bureaucracy and the queues, and increase the satisfaction of the residents."

The service revolution was accompanied by an advertising campaign in the media and social networks. The attendants stationed at the entrance of the Municipality provide assistance and guidance to the residents, and guide them in how to coordinate appointments in advance, and how to obtain services without having to arrive at the municipality.