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Jerusalem Municipality, A Digital Services Leader

​The Quality of Service Department at the Jerusalem Municipality won third place in the "digital service" category of the National Service competition held by the "Israel Management Center," and was crowned the leader in the field of public trust.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​On Monday, May 22, the Israel Management Center held a conference on Excellence in Customer Service, during which the National service competition was held.

Over the last few years, the Jerusalem Municipality has undertaken many measures to improve services offered to the city's residents, especially those offered digitally, and as part of its efforts it developed the "Yerushalmi" app, which both provides services and information to the public and gives discounts to the city's residents.

The competition is unique, and its purpose is to promote and increase awareness of customer service excellence in Israel, part of which is the recognition of companies and organizations who display incredible improvements in the service field.

The Quality of Service Department at the Jerusalem Municipality participated in this competition for the first time, and competed in the "Digital Service" category through the "Yerushalmi" app. It won third place among the many companies and organizations that participate in this competition each year.

We believe that from now on this procedure will become a tradition, promoting new measures and improvements in order to continue leading the service field in Israel.

Among the areas in which the Jerusalem Municipality excelled in as part of the competition were: the online payment system, digital parking, online forms, an active and dynamic website, and the "Yerushalmi" app, which provides services and information to the public and provides discounts to the city's residents.

Sima Sinai, head of the Quality of Service Department at the Municipality: "The Jerusalem Municipality works nonstop to continually improve both service accessibility for the city's residents and close contact with them using all available digital platforms and means. We will continue to provide excellent service to our residents and to guarantee their satisfaction."