Jerusalem International: A full installation of love at Zion Square - Jerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem International: Installation of Love in Zion Square

​On the occasion of Tu B'Av, together with The Eden Company, we launched the huge installation "I Love JLM" in Zion Square, which will become a global tourist attraction, as in other cities such as Amsterdam and New York.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The unique installation was placed in Zion Square in Jerusalem and will serve as a global tourist attraction, as it does in large and famous cities throughout the world, including Amsterdam and New York. It seeks to present another face of Jerusalem, which is identified as a cultural, historical and religious symbol - and now receives a new, sweeping and fresh spirit of love as a universal value that transcends sects and conflicts. Also, as stated, "I Love JLM" puts Jerusalem in line with other capitals of love all over the world.
Mayor Nir Barkat emphasized that "Everyone loves Jerusalem - and Jerusalem loves everyone - the new installation symbolizes the unique place Jerusalem has in each and every one, and I invite the city's residents, visitors and tourists to visit Jerusalem, to spend time here and to photograph themselves by the special installation." 
After last year, when we decided to put love on the map - this year we decided to put love in the center. According to the Jerusalem artist chosen to create the installation, Yarel Yair, "The choice to design the installation in a unique way compared to other cities around the world stems from the desire to present the uniqueness of Jerusalem, with inspiration from modern urban works around the world and similar installations in Amsterdam, New York and Toronto. It attempts to communicate with the roots and the glorious past of the city of Jerusalem. "
The choice of placing the love installation in Zion Square was made following the activities led by the Eden Company to encourage and nurture the art, culture and leisure scene in the renewed city center of Jerusalem.
Deputy CEO of Eden (Jerusalem Economic Development Company), Lior Bar Dor, noted that "this is another initiative which is part of the upgrading of public spaces in Jerusalem and their transformation into an active, attractive experience. In recent weeks, everyone has been wandering around downtown along a series of special installations which have changed the face of the area. From the solar cinema and the screening of free movies for the whole family, through the umbrellas on Yoel Salomon Street to The Playback Orchestras that are activated by the people in the street. These special installations not only upgrade the city's cultural life, but contribute to its economic development and trade in these areas."

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