Jerusalem is Fighting Violence Against Women - Jerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem is Fighting Violence Against Women

​Many events for different audiences and age groups will be held in Jerusalem in November in order to increase awareness of violence against women and bring about change.  The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women will be observed around the world on November 25.

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Events held throughout the city will include workshops, professional conferences, exhibitions and other discussions.  According to United Nations figures, at least one in three women worldwide has been physically assaulted or otherwise abused during her lifetime – usually by someone she knows.


Michal Shalem, Jerusalem Municipality Chief of Staff, emphasized she was happy that, "the discourse and awareness about setting clear boundaries against physical and verbal violence against women is on the rise.  More and more women are stepping forward and saying 'no more'.  There is zero tolerance towards violence.  In Jerusalem, the policy in this matter is clear.  All the activities and events are another stepping stone in our efforts to denounce these phenomena and make the environment in which we live safe and respectful for women.  It is our duty as a society."


Ariela Rajwan, deputy director general and head of the Culture and Sports Administration, said that, "Jerusalem has been blessed with dozens of women's organizations that promote and advance gender equality.  I myself am the Deputy Director General of the Jerusalem Municipality, and I proudly head a department for the development of women's leadership in all communities and ages, with the aim of instilling Jerusalem's public discourse throughout the entire country and eliminating all phenomena of violence against women."


One of the most difficult and disturbing aspects of the phenomenon is the conspiracy of silence.  A woman can be the victim of ongoing violence without anyone seeing or knowing about her distress.  Many women experience the violence acted out on them as a source of shame, sometimes even blaming themselves and taking responsibility for their attacker's actions.  They hide the pain and carry it with them as an onerous secret, sometimes for the rest of their lives.  When the attackers are family members or someone familiar, - the conspiracy of silence becomes even stronger, and these women's ability to seek help and assistance and to stop the harm is immeasurably reduced.


Orly Ben-Aharon, the mayor's advisor for the advancement of women's position, discussed the Jerusalem Municipality's actions in the matter of violence against women.  "A process of disclosure has begun in recent years: women around the world are starting to talk and rise up in various ways against the past norms of violence, which to our regret and anger still exist in society.  The #MeToo movement began a year ago and refuses to subside.  On the contrary, it is only deepening and expanding.   The circles of exposure give us more power and reveal another face of violence, which was actually known to everyone; and yet was for too long seen as a given – an irreparable social disease."


She added that, "During the past month, following harrowing murders of women, there has been a nationwide outcry – and in Jerusalem we joined forces.  Various organizations and groups are advancing a national move to combat the phenomenon, and we must continue to do so together.  During November, many different events will be held, for different audiences and age groups, aimed at increasing public awareness.  Together, we are breaking the conspiracy of silence.  And every voice matters.  Every voice forms another crack in the wall and enables more women to hear that they are not to blame and they are not alone."


"You are Not Alone"

WIZO Jerusalem hosts the Help Center for Victims of Sexual Violence in Jerusalem || November 21 (Wednesday), 13th of Kislev || 19:30

For additional information: WIZO Jerusalem, Tel: 02-6253641



Is There No Limit to Love?

November 21 (Wednesday), 13th of Kislev || 18:30

A discussion at the bar about honor, limits and warning signs in relationships.  The event is part of the series, "Mishichmecha VeMa'ala", a program for young female students in Jersusalem.  The event is held in cooperation with the Municipality of Jerusalem, Na'amat, the Jerusalem Women for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality group and the Proud Brotherhood group of the Hebrew University.

Location: Mike's Place, 33 Jaffa Street



Not Waiting

November 27 (Tuesday), 19th of Kislev || 19:30

A ceremonial event for the signing of an international social treaty for the elimination of violence against women and girls.

Location: Beit El HaLev (2 Poalei Tzedek Street)

For additional information:


I Have a Voice

activities for the entire family and teenagers || November 20 (Tuesday), 28th of Kislev || 16:30

OtoZaza will leave the Jerusalem Municipality for the community adminstrations for activities for the entire family and teenagers: a show and workshops led by El HaLev and the Help Center for Victims of Sexual Violence.  This activity won the 2018 Women's Leadership Hackathon.


November 20:

Location: French Hill and Ramat Eshkol Community Administration (13 HaHagana Street)

For additional information:


November 28:

Location: Ganim Community Administration (7 Dahomey Street)
For additional information: 02-6221888



Malala Land

November 25 (Sunday), 17th of Kislev || 10:00

Workshops in the community administrations of Abu Tor, Sur Baher, Isawiya, the Old City, A-Tur and Ras al-Amud.


Self defense workshop for teenage girls

December 20 (Thursday) || 12th of Tevet || 20:30

Location: 20 Misgav Ladach Street

For information and registration: Jewish Quarter Community Administration, Tel: 02-6283777

The hosts are responsible for the events.



The women's teams of the Hapoel Katamon Jersualem, Mamanet and Shira leauges will hold tournaments as a sign of solidarity with battered women's  shelters.  In addition, there will be an exhibition of walls illustrated by graduates of the Graffiti for Men workshop, held by the "Family Center" and Yad Sarah in the Mahaneh Yehuda Market and at the Beit Alliance campus, and an animation workshop for female victims of violence will be held at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with Na'amat Jerusalem and "City Without Violence".

For additional information, please contact the Department for the Development of Leadership and Advancement of Women at

A long list of organizations has joined together in order to hold this month's activities:

The Jerusalem Municipality: Social Division, Culture and Arts Division, Social Services Department, the Department for the Development of Leadership and Advancement of Women, the Department of Visual Arts (Plastic), the Inom ??? Department, the City Without Violence Project, and the East Jerusalem Department.

Na'amat Jerusalem, WIZO Jerusalem, Emunah Jerusalem, El HaLev, the Help Center for Victims of Sexual Violence, the Yad Sarah Family Center, Tahal, the Jerusalem Women for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality group and the Proud Brotherhood group of the Hebrew University, community administrations and women's sports teams in Jerusalem: Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem football team, the Mamanet throwball league and the "Shira Liga" – women's basketball league.