Good Deed Day 2017 - Jerusalem Municipality

Good Deeds Day 2017

​Birthday celebrations for the city's 90 year old veterans

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3/28/2017 6:00 PM

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​The Day of Good Deeds was signed in Jerusalem at the city's birthday celebration for 90 year olds, which included dancing, greetings and the personal stories of the participants. Mayor Barkat: "There was a high response from all the residents of the city to the project, with an emphasis on the community aspect"
For the sixth year in a row, the Jerusalem Municipality has participated in the "Day of Good Deeds", which was held today (Tuesday) with a large and unprecedented number of residents who volunteered together in the city's neighborhoods. The day ended with a happy birthday celebration for dozens of the city's 90 year olds, which included a dance performance, greetings and personal stories of the participants, with the participation of students from the Jerusalem schools. Among the celebrants was Malka Masuda, a resident of Nahlaot, who today celebrated her 100th birthday! Earlier, a dance was held for Holocaust survivors and an exhibition was held in cooperation with Café Europa and the Association for the Welfare of Holocaust Survivors.

יום המעשים הטובים
A Record breaking number of volunteer projects that combined thousands of residents with more than 40,000 volunteers from many sectors of the city!
Mayor Nir Barkat: "I was pleased to see that even in the sixth year of the project, there was a very high response from all the residents of the city, with an emphasis on the community aspect, and projects that very on a large scale. The choice to end the day with the 90 year olds birthday celebration testifies to the mutual respect shared by the residents and the sense of Jerusalem as a community - no one is left alone! "

Credit for photos: Arnon Bosani.