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TALMA English-language summer program expands its activities in the city

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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At least 1,600 students will be participating in this year's TALMA summer program, a unique initiative which brings top-tier English teachers from abroad to teach in Jerusalem’s schools at a low cost to parents. This year, local authorities have recorded peak demand of students seeking to participate in the successful project, which will be offered at 37 schools throughout the city. 
Mayor Nir Barkat: "We have placed the education system at the top of our priorities. This program enables hundreds of our city's children to receive high quality English instruction during the summer months, at a low cost to parents. "
Alon Futterman, Program Director: "I am pleased that we succeeded this year in increasing the number of students who will be able to register for the program. I am grateful to the Mayor and am proud of the unique model we created and the educational and social results achieved over the years. To my delight, for several years TALMA has been able to expand its activities in schools by tens of percent."
Through the TALMA program, students in fourth through sixth grades are able to enter the new school year with a full additional month of experiential learning and enrichment in English at a cost of only 600 NIS per participant. Each classroom is taught by a local Israeli teacher and a teacher from abroad volunteering in the TALMA program. Of the teachers who took part in the program, a significant majority are convinced that it has contributed significantly to strengthening the students' English proficiency. Currently in its third year, the program has seen a record increase in demand. Alon Futterman, the program's director, has increased the scope of activities and the number of teachers taking part in the program every year.

Registration for the Program: Rene Cassin Organization website