The Jerusalem Municipality Teaches Education

The Jerusalem Municipality Teaches Education

The "School of Dreams" competition, guided tours of schools and special classes, lectures in the Mahaneh Yehuda market bars and student exhibitions to be displayed at light rail stations – Education Week is underway with activities that salute the city's educators and reveal new initiatives in innovation and educational.​

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The Jerusalem Municipality Education Administration presents the Education Week celebrations, which will include events and activities that will reveal the educational and innovation work done by students and educators in various areas.

Click here for information about Education Week activities.

The highlight of the week will be the announcement of the "Dream School" competition.  The Jerusalem Municipality will establish a new school in the city, and the public is invited to dream about how it will look in terms of design and pedagogy.  In the competition, everyone – teachers, parents, students, entrepreneurs, architects, designers and others – will be able to submit their wildest and most creative proposals, and perhaps be the ones who design the new school.

In addition, a conference headed by Mayor and holder of the education portfolio Nir Barkat will be held during the week.  On Monday, May 9, a select team of educators and Israeli public opinion makers will arrive at the event, at the Mount Zion Hotel.  Together, they will formulate important decisions regarding the future of education in Israel.  The event will begin with a conversation between Nir Barkat and Yerucham Mayor Michael Biton.

Hundreds of teachers and students will participate in the activities and events, and will reveal the work done in the various frameworks, special projects, cooperation between sectors and educational innovation implemented daily in the city's educational institutions.

Aviv Keinan, Head of the Education Division, emphasized that, "Israel's education capital presents a week that's all about celebrating Jerusalem's education and embracing the city's excellent educators.  We are proud to be leading the educational revolution in Israel, making schools relevant and promoting equal opportunities for every child."

Photo: Oz Shechter
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