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Camps During Hanukkah Vacation

Hanukkah daytime activity camps are provided for all children from kindergarten age through third grade, free of charge according to the "Nitzanim b'hofshot" (Buds on Vacation) plan of the Ministry of Education. The activity camps will be operated in kindergartens and schools during the Hanukkah and Passover holidays, and will include learning, enrichment, and cultural activities, educational sessions and programs about the holiday.

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The Hanukkah vacation camp is intended for all pupils aged 3-9 (kindergarten through third grade) from 26 Kislev to 2 Tevet, December 4 to December 10, between 8:00 and 13:00,  not including Fridays for children on the Nitzanim program. The camp will run until 16:00. Registration for the program is on the basis of the whole period, breakfast is the responsibility of the parents.

Grades 1 through 3, elementary kindergartens, and elementary long-day-education kindergartens will be run by the non-profit organization Lavi Renee Kasan. For the website click here


The long-day-education and independent kindergartens that are not in the Nitzanim program are required to register at the community administrative center. Additional details available with registration for the holiday camp, as of 3 Kislev, 11.11.18. 

Please note that the Nitzanim children are automatically enrolled in the program, without the need for additional registration, but it is necessary to update the registration list on the kindergarten bulletin board.

The holiday camps for kindergarten pupils will be run by community leaders.

Registration for the program is open until Wednesday, 21.11.18, 13 Kislev. After that date we do not guarantee your children's participation in the program. The activity camps will open if a minimum of 22 children sign up for each one.

For further details and to get in touch, please contact the afternoon daycare coordinators at the community administrative center.

To register (in Hebrew) click here:

For the Ginot Ha'ir Community Center click here
For Ir Ganim - Kiryat Menachem Community Center click here

For Givat Shaul Community Center click here

For Ir Yovlim Community Center click here

For the Pisgat Zeev Community Center click here