CAR2GO is Coming to Jerusalem!

​The car-sharing service CAR2GO is coming to the capital. The idea is simple: with CAR2GO, you have a private car that will be yours only when you want. Want to go to a wedding, to the seashore, to IKEA, on a trip, or for a work meeting? No problem.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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CAR2GO is Israel's first and largest vehicle sharing service for short-term or medium-term car rental. The service offers a variety of vehicles for the different needs of the population. The vehicles are fueled, insured, clean, and most importantly - with parking spaces reserved exclusively for our company and our customers.

We all understand that it is simply the right thing to do: to be part of an idea, a new economy and a dynamic lifestyle that does not yield to dictates. For those who understand that a private car is a serious headache and hurts the wallet too: auto repair shops, insurance, testing, looking for parking spaces, car washes, and more.

Wait a minute--so what's the catch? There is no catch. With CAR2GO there are simply no problems.

The vehicle will wait for you in a reserved parking space by your house, fueled, insured, and ready to go. It can be ordered a month in advance, or five minutes earlier. You start it with the smart card (a cool touch), drive, and come back to the reserved parking space. Pampering, comfortable and elegant.

A list of designated parking spaces for the CAR2GO service in Jerusalem - there are 30 vehicles with reserved parking spaces:

30 Hezekiah HaMelech

44 HaPalmach

61 Herzog

21 Tchernichovsky

Across from 1 Mohilever

Across from 20 HaG'dud HaIvri

7 Arlozoroff

Across from 9 Diskin

37B Meir Shaham

9B Ussishkin

1 Koresh

2 Nissim Behar

1 Azariah  

37 Hillel

16 Chaim Yaski--Mount Scopus

Churchill Boulevard near Cafe "Aroma" - Mount Scopus

* The list is not final

For the CAR2GO website, click here.

For the file of FAQ in Hebrew, click here.