CAR2GO in Jerusalem!

​The car-sharing service CAR2GO is coming to the capital. The idea is simple: with CAR2GO, you have a private car that will be yours only when you want. Want to go to a wedding, to the seashore, to IKEA, on a trip, or for a work meeting? No problem.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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CAR2GO is Israel's first and largest vehicle sharing service for short-term or medium-term car rental. The service offers a variety of vehicles for the different needs of the population. The vehicles are fueled, insured, clean, and most importantly - with parking spaces reserved exclusively for our company and our customers.

We all understand that it is simply the right thing to do: to be part of an idea, a new economy and a dynamic lifestyle that does not yield to dictates. For those who understand that a private car is a serious headache and hurts the wallet too: auto repair shops, insurance, testing, looking for parking spaces, car washes, and more.

Wait a minute--so what's the catch? There is no catch. With CAR2GO there are simply no problems.

The vehicle will wait for you in a reserved parking space by your house, fueled, insured, and ready to go. It can be ordered a month in advance, or five minutes earlier. You start it with the smart card (a cool touch), drive, and come back to the reserved parking space. Pampering, comfortable and elegant.

Now, here's how it works You can book a car in advance or on the spot 24/7 on the company website or hotline *8225. 

Once you get to the car, just hold your smart membership card up to the windshield and the car will open with the keys inside. When you are done using the car, just bring it back to the spot you got it from, and leave the keys inside. 

To use the service, you have to register at Registration is a one-time NIS 145   charge, plus a monthly fee of NIS 40 for Jerusalem residents and NIS 50 for non-Jerusalemites. You'll also pay NIS 15-20 per hour of use (price includes gas and insurance), PLUS NIS 2 per kilometer (NIS 1/km after the first 50km) depending on the kind of car you are using. On the occasion of the launch, Jerusalemites are given a two-month membership free.  

The service is starting with some 30 vehicles with reserved car spaces around the city, with the goal of reaching 70 spots. Parking locations, which are painted green, include:

Parking Space 24/7 :



44 HaPalmachRasko
61 HerzogRasko
21 TchernichovskyRasko
Across from 1 MohileverGerman Colony
Gdalyahu Alon across  number 5German Colony
Across from 20 HaG'dud HaIvriGerman Colony
1 AzariahGerman Colony
7 Arlozoroff Rehavia
Across from 9 DiskinRehavia
9B Ussishkin Rehavia
1 KoreshCIty Center
30 Hezekiah HaMelechCIty Center
37 HillelCIty Center
37B Meir ShahamCIty Center
2 Nissim BeharNachlaot
Cherchil Blvd near AromaFrench Hill


Parking spaces that do not work on Shabbat or holidays:



48 Chai Taib Har Nof
43 Katsanelson Har Nof
52Shaulzon Har Nof
 78 Katzanborgen Har Nof
 64 ShaulsonHar Nof
94 Katzanborgen Har Nof
4 Birkat AvrahamRamat Shlomo
16 Igeret MosheRamat Shlomo
6a Rabbi LeibowitzRamat Shlomo
42 Hazan IshRamat Shlomo
14 Rav FatalRamat Shlomo
19 Rav ZultiRamat Shlomo
73 Rav DrukRamat Shlomo
13 KisufimRamot
127 ZundeckRamot
2 HaroehRamot
32 Avraham Idelson

For the CAR2GO website, click here.

For the file of FAQ in Hebrew, click here.

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