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Bringing the Businesses Back to the Neighborhood

The Jerusalem Municipality is currently completing the process of renovating shopping centers, and providing training and grants to businesses in the neighborhoods. Mayor Barkat said: "A neighborhood's commercial center is its heartbeat."

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The Jerusalem Municipality is currently completing the process of renovating shopping centers in the neighborhoods, with a total investment of approximately 16 million NIS. The project, which is a cooperative effort of the Administration for Development and Management of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Eden Company, is part of a comprehensive process of upgrading and looking after commercial centers as economic, cultural and communal anchors of the neighborhoods. The renewal of the commercial centers combines physical upgrading and the creation of a public space that is pleasant, inviting and safe. This is combined with programs of cultural and leisure events supported by the Municipality's Culture and Social Affairs Administration - all of which are based on the characteristics of the local community, with the aim of encouraging the locals to shop close to home.

In the Kiryat Yovel commercial center, which was recently completed, the "Little Monster" was built, inspired by the Monster Garden which is located nearby, and has come to be identified with the neighborhood. In addition, plants have been added, the center's appearance has been improved, and playground facilities and awnings have been renovated.


Aside from the renewal and physical and cultural improvement, the Jerusalem Municipality explains that they are taking care to advance the commercial centers in the neighborhoods towards the digital future. For each commercial center, business pages are currently being built on Facebook, which will be managed by the Community Administration with the support of the Urban Development Administration. Similarly, the Municipality's Division for Advancement of Businesses in partnership with the leadership of Maof (the Agency for Small to Mid-Size Businesses), will conduct a training program and professional courses for business owners, including upgrading storefront windows, business management, inventory management, online sales, and more. At this stage, about 10 courses are planned, which will take place in municipal facilities in the neighborhoods. Moreover, most of the commercial centers will be given a package of grants designated for upgrading the storefronts of businesses operating in the city center.

In addition, the Division for Advancement of Businesses has developed a comprehensive professional booklet which will serve as a basic and comprehensive guide for anyone interested in starting a business in a commercial center. It will include all the essential information for a business owner in the fields of supervision, licensing, architecture, and more.