Budget 2019 - Jerusalem Municipality

Budget 2019

​Agreement Reached on the 2019 Budget: 950 Million NIS from the Government to Jerusalem

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​The Finance Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality reached an agreement on the budget for 2019. The government's support for the Municipality will amount to 950 million NIS. Mayor Leon said: "The agreement ensures that we will start off 2019 on the right foot with financial stability in the capital"

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon reached an agreement on the Municipality's budget for the year 2019. The total budget will be 950 million NIS, according to a designated combination that was predetermined. This includes allocation to revenue-generating projects, a budget for the development of Jerusalem, and improvement in the level of services to residents.

The capital's budget will be allocated as 765 million NIS, 67 million NIS constitute a grant for development of Jerusalem, 40 million NIS will be transferred to improve the level of services in the city, and 78 million NIS will be used for projects for generating independent revenues for the Jerusalem Municipality. The Municipality and the Ministry of Finance shall jointly determine the projects to be implemented in the aforesaid amounts.

As part of the agreement, a joint team will be established for the Ministry of Finance and the Jerusalem Municipality to deal with the manner of allocating the said amounts. It was further agreed upon between the parties that they would discuss over the course of the year additional measures that would increase the Authority's independent revenues, in a manner that would increase the level of services in the city.

The said agreed-upon budget amount of 950 million NIS constitutes a 20% increase from the budget transferred to the Jerusalem Municipality in 2018. This amount is added to the plan for the development of East Jerusalem, approved six months ago, of a scope of 2.1 billion NIS.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon noted that he is "proud that the Finance Ministry will grant this year the highest amount ever given to the city of Jerusalem, in direct continuation of the trend of recent years. When the Finance Ministry is approached in a timely manner, in a professional and practical way, with a list of clearly-stated requests, all the support that is possible to be provided can be received. I am sure that in the coming years we will continue to work in cooperation together with Mayor Moshe Leon to strengthen Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and to continue to cause it to grow for future generations. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon explained that "the agreement ensures that the city of Jerusalem will start off the year 2019 on the right foot, with financial stability in the capital, with the implicit derivative of this being the expansion of the services provided to the residents of Jerusalem. This is the largest budget which the city of Jerusalem has ever been granted, and the sole beneficiaries will be the residents of Jerusalem. I thank Minister Kahlon for the pleasant conduct and the manner in which the discussions were held and for the decision-making process. The residents of Jerusalem can breathe a sigh of relief--there is someone taking care of them."

Budget Director Shaul Meridor added that "the manner in which the discussions were conducted this year is a basis for the belief that cooperation with the Municipality will lead to a change in the trend in Jerusalem, so that the Authority will be able to provide better services to its residents. This is done by increasing its independent revenues in the coming years. In order to develop these independent revenues, we have already allocated a sum in the present agreement, and we have set up a team whose aim is to develop income-generating projects for the Municipality. "