Arnona 2017 - Jerusalem Municipality

Municipal Rates - Arnona 2017

​These days, notices for the payment municipal rates for 2017 are being sent

תצוגת תאריך


3/19/2017 6:00 PM

Arnona 2017


​Final date for paying the rates:
Sunday, 2nd of Shebat, 5777 ,29.01.17 (without the "prepayment" discount)

A bank standing order arrangement

Payments under a bank standing order arrangement will this year be made in 12 index-linked installments starting from January of 2017. For those who paid the rates under a standing order arrangement in 2016, the arrangement will automatically continue in 2017 as well, unless the Municipality is otherwise notified.
For your convenience, you may select the payment date for the standing order to be on either the 1st or the 10th of each month. Setting the date of the charge is done on the municipal website.
You may apply to enter the arrangement by means of the payment notice form, or by using the application form found on the municipal website.

Public reception

Safra Square, Building 1, on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 08:00-13:00. On Tuesdays, public reception is only available between 15:00-18:00.

Scheduling an appointment in advance

To schedule an appointment in advance, download the "Yerushalmi" app or click here.

Telephone response

At the number 02-6296333 , on Sunday through Thursday between 08:00-15:30 and 16:00-18:00. You may pay the rates by means of the notice of payment on a telephone call center active 24 hours a day (except on the Sabbath and on Holidays) at the number 03-9411231, and also by means of the computerized telephone response at 02-6296000.

The municipal website

Detailed information on the municipal rates, such as Council decisions and the "Tax Order", a specification of the types of discounts, forms, payment arrangements, advance scheduling of an appointment for a service center, means of contact, etc., can be found under the Municipal Rates section.