A mixed city: All 10 grade students will be trained for emergency situations - Jerusalem Municipality

A mixed city: All 10 grade students will be trained for emergency situations

Thousands of young people in Jerusalem demonstrate excellence and readiness in a course that will prepare them for emergencies by joining a program to prevent and reduce violence.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​About 12,3000 10th grade students in the city from all sectors will undergo a 10 hour First Help Self Help Course. The course will expose the students to various emergency situations while teaching them coping mechanisms, and will train a group of youth leaders in emergency and routine scenarios, who will take part in the Jerusalem emergency system.

The course will be conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Home Front Command, the Youth Department, the Emergency and Security Division and the "City without Violence" program. The project will train youth groups as official groups of the school and the community administration. These groups will be a part of the personal development and social involvement program that operates in schools from 10th through 12th grade.
The program is intended to expand the tools of teenage boys and girls and to help them recognize their abilities to assist when needed. In addition to this, the youth groups will create a voluntary system for urban deployment in emergency situations. As part of the "City without Violence" program of the Ministry of Public Security, the youth groups will be trained to establish and lead groups of youth to fight, reduce and prevent violence in Jerusalem.

Expanding Deployment: The first urban renewal clearance and improvement permit was signed in Jerusalem

The recently signed Hamekasher compound project is underway with the construction of a 24-story tower with 126 new housing units.
Last week, history was made in the city when the first construction permit was signed for a urban renewal clearance and improvement project. The project is part of the Hamekasher compound, promoted in cooperation with Neot Hamekasher. The project is located in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood between Herzl Boulevard and the Kiryat Moshe and Haim Pick streets. It includes two 24-story towers each, including 230 new housing units that are to be built in place of six existing buildings that will be demolished.
The construction permit was given in the first stage for the construction of the first tower, with 126 new housing units as well as for infrastructure development work. In the second stage, another 104 housing units will be added to the project. The plan also includes the development of a neighborhood park, playgrounds, the construction of a community center branch, underground parking, public buildings and the regulation of traffic and parking in the nearby streets.
In addition to the apartments, the plan offers areas designated for public needs: 2.3 dunams for an open public area, 2.1 dunams for private open spaces with public interest and a constructe area of 1,000 square meters for a plot of 880 square meters for buildings and public institutions, including kindergartens.
The plan is located on the Sderot Herzl and the light rail, allowing for high-rise construction. It is integrated into the redesign of the city entrance.
About three years ago there were about 900 housing units available in Jerusalem approved urban renewal plans. The number of housing units in all the projects did not exceed 3,000.