Youth Survey in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Municipality

75% Jerusalem youth contiue living in Jerusalem - Survey

​A new survey states that three quarters of Jerusalem are very satisfied with their  life in Jerusalem. They  intend to continue to living in Jerusalem  and they recommend to living in Jerusalem to their friends.

תצוגת תאריך


3/13/2017 10:00 PM


A recent Youth survey  brought  by the Youth  Authority of the  Jerusalem  municipality shows that more than 9,000 young people aged 21-40 stated that young people prefer life in Jerusalem. These findings will be presented for the first time at a young convention which will be held on Tuesday, 21.3.2017 at  The Alliance House. The conference constitutes an additional move that underlies the strategic concept that the youth of Jerusalem are the blood and oxygen of the city - now and in the future.
Mayor Nir Barkat, said that If in the past the problem was that the youth left  the city, today we see that the youth is the future of the city. A lot of efforts and resources are invested in this. Jerusalem is returning to be an attractive city for young people, it is  a leading high-tech city, with lots of culture in  all areas of life. After eight years of massive investment in young people, it excites me to see these dramatic results and our success only strengthens our determination to continue to increase investment in young people in the city ".
The survey showed that 75% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the life in the city of Jerusalem, and that 74% of them would recommend to their friends to live in Jerusalem. In addition, over 80% of the surveyed youth who are students believe that they will find work in the city at the end of their studies, and 75% believe that they are likely to find a job in the field they studied in Jerusalem (bio-tech, engineering, computer science, education, Social Science and medicine). 85% believe that they will remain living in the city in the coming years.

The survey results shatters the existing perception that the younger population is leaving Jerusalem, and constitutes a current picture of all the activity we are investing in the development of the city's young population, employment and recreational and cultural life of the city.

Jerusalem Youth Conference which will be presenting the results of the survey and  will focus on a number of strategic issues and formulate a future work plans of the young Authority in the following areas: Creative and Cool Businesses, Jerusalem activism, student experience, career development, tolerance and diversity and young families.