Budget news - 50th year since Jlm unification - Jerusalem Municipality

Budget news - 50th year since Jerusalem unification.

Jerusalem Municipality budget news for the 50th year since unification.

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3/13/2017 10:00 PM


​Mayor Barkat: “in the 50th year since Jerusalem’s unification, we are planning many projects that will change the face of the city and that will tangibly improve the quality of life in the city — thanks to budgets that we procured.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat will bring the Jerusalem Municipality’s 2017 budget for final approval next week (March 15, 2017). The new elements of the budget were made possible after Mayor Barkat enlisted the Prime Minister and government ministers to increase government support in Jerusalem by ₪700 million.

The 2017 budget will allow the continued growth and development of projects in the fields of education, the city’s appearance and cleanliness, culture, infrastructure, construction of public buildings, construction of classrooms, welfare and community, and economic and tourist development. All of these will take place during the capital’s 50th year since its reunification. In addition, the Municipality expects that the city program to finance construction of 1,000 newly standardized classrooms in Jerusalem will be approved in the near future, in order to provide a solution to the current lack of space in all areas of the city.

Mayor Nir Barkat explained that “in the 50th year since Jerusalem’s unification, we will embark upon many projects that will change the face of the city and that will tangibly improve the quality of life in it—thanks to budgets that we procured. This year, we undertook a paramount struggle for Jerusalem’s future. The government recognized my position that Jerusalem is a national challenge that requires broad support, not only in word but in deed and through budgets. I want to thank the Prime Minister and other ministers for their commitment to Jerusalem.”

Barkat added that “in 2017 we will continue the dramatic leap that we began over the last eight years. The additional budget that we received from the government is a great victory for Jerusalem. Thanks to this agreement, we were spared having to fire thousands of workers, and we will be able to continue to invest in the residents and children and youth, who are our future. We will continue the investment in education, the massive investment in the environment adjacent to our homes, in the city’s appearance, playgrounds and roads, schools and parks, cultural institutions, interchanges and transportation, municipal services, support for the elderly and those in need, reducing gaps between the various sectors of the city, and all facets of life. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s unification, I wish everyone a successful Year of Jerusalem.”
• The Municipal Budget for 2017 totals: 7,370 billion shekels.
• The standard budget for the Jerusalem Municipality in 2017: 5,470 billion ₪
• The development budget for 2017: 1,900 billion ₪

For the budget ledger click here: http://bit.ly/2lL6Isr

Budget Summary:
The city appearance budget will increase by ₪66 million – ₪32 million from the current budget and another ₪24 million from the development budget:
The education budget will increase by ₪124 million.
The budget for planning, development, urban renewal, and construction of transportation infrastructure will reach ₪323 million:
Jerusalem will become a smart city in a variety of projects and areas: parking, waste, information systems, residential services, and more.
The culture, sport, and youth budget will increase by ₪30 million for:
Public buildings, swimming pools, community centers and youth clubs in neighborhoods will be built by investing ₪33 million.
Welfare and community services will increase by ₪62 million through the current budget.