Things to do in Jerusalem - Sports at the first Station

Daily Sports in Jerusalem

Sports activities in Gan Haatzmaut and The First Station during May-July 2017: Kickboxing, Aerobics Dance, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Zumba, Yoga and more.

ללא תאריך


5/9/2017 8:00 PM


Activities are free of charge. All you have to do is get active in comfortable sportswear and in good spirits ...


Gan HaAtzmaut (near Alma Cafe)
18: 30-19: 15 Kickboxing with Chanit Rachamim
19: 30-20: 15 Aerobics Dance with Chanit Rachamim
The First Station
18: 00-18: 45 Hand-to-Hand with Daniel Salber


 The First Station
18:00-18:45 Zumba with Veronica Melnik


Gan HaAtzmaut (near Alma Cafe)
18:30-19:30 Zumba with Sahar Mizrahi


 The First Station
18:00-18:45 yoga power with Sherry Cecil Heiman

Admission is free!

For more information about classes in Gan HaAtzmaut: Shiran 054-3411242
For more information about classes in The First Station: Daniel 058-7252372