Bezalel Art Fair - Jerusalem Municipality

Bezalel Art Fair

Dozens of artists and creators display their works at the Bezalel Art Fair which takes place every Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 p.m.
The Fair takes place on Bezalel Street and the Shatz Pedestrian Mall, and in Bor Shiber Garden.

ללא תאריך


1/1/1970 2:00 AM


Showcasing works in fabric, wood, glass, ceramics and a variety of artistic media, by Israeli artists and artisans.

Attractions include stalls, street performers, workshops and music performances.

Details of Event

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    ​Bezalel Street

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    8/1/2017 10:00 AM

  • Ends:

    12/31/2017 4:00 PM

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