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Culinary Genius on Wheels

​Culinary Genius on Wheels? We are looking for you.

We are looking for food trucks from the best restaurants, which will bring the Jerusalem culinary to the neighborhoods as part of "The Auto-chef Band" - an array of fine food trucks coming to neighborhoods, to employment centers and entertainment spots

תצוגת תאריך


2/12/2017 10:00 PM


​If you are culinary geniuses on wheels - we are looking for you!
The purpose is establishing a system of food trucks coming from the greatest restaurants in the city. The food will leave the boundaries of the finest restaurants and come to neighborhoods, employment centers and leisure centers in the city - just like the famous food trucks in New York.
The idea to establish this truck band was born as an initiative of the Business Promotion Department and the innovation of the Bloomberg Foundation, to help businesses in Jerusalem, to strengthen the city's restaurants, enrich the public space in the city neighborhoods and make it more attractive for residents.
Jerusalem is a city known for its culinary: Multi sectors and communities have created quality kitchens with soul, gave rise to the best restaurants, which traveled to various places around the world. Now we want to bring the flavors to the neighborhoods of the city.
As part of the new venture 7 different food trucks will be a set, they will operate as a single unit and move around the city in an organized track that will be planned in advance.
During Daytime the "Truck Band" will be located in areas of employment such as downtown, Har Hozvim and the Government Complex. They will provide employees and business owners in the city. In the evening, the band will reach the city neighborhoods and neighborhood parks,  supporting cultural activities in the neighborhoods as part of the development and enrichment of the community atmosphere.
Each truck will represent a different  type of food, and the food sold from each truck will be of specific culinary genre. This will give the audience a taste of the wide range of culinary Jerusalem and nationally.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, said that "Jerusalem culinary is already well known worldwide and it attracts many visitors and residents. Now we want to bring the restaurant to the residents, to the workers and neighborhoods - to connect the city of Jerusalemites businesses and business to Jerusalemites."
Director of Business Promotion Division, Inbal Moses, noted that "in many areas of the city - in the public areas, employment areas and neighborhoods – there is a shortage of recreation and commerce. The project we initiated will bring the business to the neighborhoods and residents, and will give an answer to the existing neighborhoods alongside the strengthening of  the business".