Talpiot Mizrah (East Talpiot)

Talpiot Mizrah (East Talpiot)

talpiot mizrah, located to the east of old talpiot (arnona),was first called armon hanetziv after the british high commissioner's house which stands on a hill commanding a view of jerusalem.

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talpiot mizrah is located to the east of old talpiot (arnona). the neighborhood was first called armon hanetziv (the high commissioner's house) after the british high commissioner's house which stands on a hill commanding a view of jerusalem. talpiot mizrah is in south eastern jerusalem, 4 kilometers from the city center, and is a self-contained urban cxommunity separated topographically from older talpiot arnona and kibbutz ramat rachel. however, since 2000 the kibbutz orchards have been sold off to developers and there is now contiguous housing between talpiot mizrah and talpiot arnona. the neighborhood has a commanding view of the judean desert and is bounded on the east by three arab villages: jebel mukhaber, suwhara and tzur bahar.

the east talpiot promenade and the united nations observers headquarters form the northern boundary of talpiot mizrah. the neighborhood is one of several built after the six day war out of social and political considerations – increasing the jewish population of the city and creating a belt of jewish neighborhoods along the eastern edges of jerusalem. social policy was to provide improved housing solutions for young couples, immigrants and middle-class families. building commenced in the early 1970's and is almost complete. the neighborhood is planned for 20,000 residents.

the neighborhood is built on two slopes facing one of the valleys leading to nahal dragot which flows east into the dead sea. the neighborhood is built in the shape of a shell so that every house faces the central valley and the judean desert.

near the entrance to talpiot mizrah, the neighborhood administrative council and community center are located in an architecturally unusual building designed by matthias gretz.

the east talpiot promenade was built in the 1980's with spectacular views of the old city. the hass and sherover promenades are amongst the most beautiful observation points in the world.

adjacent to talpiot mizrah is the educational campus of kiryat moriah belonging to the jewish agency for israel, and next door is the experimental agricultural farm set up by rachel yanait ben-zvi before the war of independence. today it serves as the hebrew university's agricultural experiment center.

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