Uri Lupolianski - Former Mayor, Jerusalem Municipality

Uri Lupolianski

Uri Lupolianski served as mayor between the years 2003-2008.
He was elected as mayor on June 3rd, 2003. Was first elected as member of the Jerusalem City Council in 1989, as Chairman of the Degel HaTorah movement, founded by Rabbi Shach, of Blessed Memory, and today led by Rabbi Eliashiv.


In the past, he served as acting mayor and Chairman of the Planning and Construction Committee, and also served as deputy mayor and as Commissioner of the Family and Community Service portfolio.

In 1976, Lupolianski founded "Yad Sarah", which operates over 6000 volunteers in 103 branches across Israel. For this work, he won many prizes and awards, among them the Israel Prize, the President's Volunteer Award, the Knesset Chairman's Prize, the Kaplan Prize, a volunteer award from the Israeli Art Association, the Movement for a Good Land of Israel, and the Gerontology Prize.

The Yad Sarah association serves as a role model in many countries worldwide, with many coming to Israel to closely follow the association's work in an attempt to found such bodies in their own countries. Lupolianski was born in 1951 in Haifa, is married and a father of 12, and resides in the Sanhedria Murhevet neighborhood in Jerusalem. Lupolianski did military service as a medic, worked as a teacher and studied public administration.