Yitzhak Kariv - Former mayor - Jerusalem Municipality

Yitzhak Kariv

Yitzhak Kariv served as mayor between the years 1952-1955. Kariv was born in Russia. Served as a bank manager in Jerusalem. On September 25th, 1952, was elected as Mayor of Jerusalem on behalf of the HaMizrachi faction.

Following the announcement of Shlomo Zalman Shragai's retirement in June, deliberations were held by the City Council to elect the new mayor. These deliberations lasted for nearly four months, and Kariv was elected as a compromise candidate, with the support of the right-wing parties. [1] In April of 1955, an appointed committee was nominated in his stead, despite the imminent local elections held in Israel in the summer of that year.

In the 1990s, Ha'Emek Street in Mamila, between Yafo Gate and King David Street, was named after him. His cousin is Prof. Yitzhak Kariv, who was the first cardiologist in Eretz Israel.