Submission of Documents

​Forms and documents for licence  for commercial signage in Jerusalem

Please properly fill out this application form.

The following must be attached to the form:

  • A photograph of the façade of the business (storefront), including a computer file of the photo on computer media.
  • A photograph of the façade of the entire ground floor of the building, including a computer file of the photo on computer media.
  • A simulation of the sign you are requesting.
  • Property identification information, as registered in the municipal treasurer's office (this information can be found on your municipal property tax bill).
  • Details of the types of materials to be used for the sign.
  • Planned lighting solutions for the sign.
  • If the business is a company, you must attach the Registrar of Companies certificate, correct to the date of application.

You must include a Registrar of Companies certificate which details the names of the company's managers, their addresses and ID numbers. The application will be submitted for review and professional opinion.

If the application is approved, a license for the sign will be issued, as well as a fee for payment.

If the application does not meet the professional criteria and guidelines, a letter which includes instructions for properly implementing a sign will be sent, including size and location information.

Order of events:
The requested sign be placed only after the license has been granted and the fee has been paid.