Permit for Installation of Facilities in Public areas - Jerusalem Municipality

Permit for Installation of Facilities in Public areas

​The municipality's policy regarding permits for the installation of facilities outside of businesses, the principles formulated to preserve the appearance of the city, the preservation of public space for the benefit of the public, for example appearance of public areas, uses of public areas by the public.

​Pedestrian access to sidewalks while maintaining public safety and security – on sidewalks, pedestrians will retain access to at least 1.5 meters of sidewalk, and along pedestrian malls at least 2.2 meters will be reserved for security vehicles.

Facilities will be taken out of businesses and placed adjacent to the business. They will be returned to the private space of the business at the end of the work day. 

Maintaining the balance between the needs of the general public and providing solutions to enable business life within the city.  As much simplicity and equality as possible.

Ad hoc temporary permits – for example, permits for placing television screens outside of businesses during the World Cup – final games, will be considered separately.

In accordance with the Signage Bylaw, signs are not considered facilities.

​As part of its work to regulate and promote business activity in the city, the Business Development Division grants permits for placing tables and chairs within public areas.

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