Application for Business Preliminary Information - Jerusalem Municipality

Application for Preliminary Information

The Business Promotion Division welcomes entrepreneurs and investors by encouraging, promoting and nurturing small and medium-sized businesses.

The Division's goal is to develop a business environment which is supportive and positive towards entrepreneurs, with the goal of helping and promoting them even when they are only at the stage of intending to open a business.

The Business Promotion Division recommends that entrepreneurs approach the Business Licensing Authority while still undertaking feasibility studies for establishing the business (before they have rented property) in order to help them make an informed decision and save unnecessary expenditures later on in the process.

The entrepreneur must fill out a form with personal details, in which he/she will note the type of information requested, according to one of three tracks as detailed below:

There are three different tracks for receiving information, as detailed below:

Track 1 – General Information

In this track, the entrepreneur will receive general information about the process of submitting the application and the requirements of the various bodies involved in the type of business he/she is requesting to open.

Information delivery: a face-to-face inquiry to the service clerk, asking to receive general information about the process of submitting an application to the approving bodies taking part of the licensing process, and other general information in accordance with the type of business the entrepreneur wishes to open.

Track 2 – Preliminary Information

Information given to the entrepreneur regarding the type of business and the property that he/she is interested in renting, which is given as no more than an opinion according to computerized information found at the Division's offices. The information includes whether the city building plan and the building permits allow such a business to operate on the property. An entrepreneur who comes to the Division's offices seeking preliminary information must bring details regarding the property's address, property identification, block and lot information.

Note: It should be noted that the information is provided based on existing information in the computer system and may be incomplete.

Track 3 – Binding preliminary information:

Provision of a binding opinion to the entrepreneur, which requires the official submission of the application for a preliminary opinion for a business license, fee payment and a visit to the property.

An entrepreneur who comes to the Division's offices seeking a binding preliminary opinion must bring the following details: the property's address, property identification, block and lot information, as well as the construction plan for the future business, approved by the architect, photographs of the building's facades, a map of the location, a business plan and a diagram of the surrounding area.

The opinion given as part of this track is valid for about 6 months.


The preliminary opinion given by the Ministry of Health:

In order to improve service during the business licensing process, and in order to reduce the percentage of restaurant requests rejected by the Ministry of Health, the Division, in cooperation with the Jerusalem region of the Ministry of Health offers a new licensing procedure whereby, following Ministry of Health approval, the business owner and the submitter of the request will sign an affidavit stating that the business matches the approved plan.


Technical clarification as part of a sanitary program for food houses

Obligatory note for the implementation of an approved plan

Declaration regarding the suitability of a business to an approved plan