Role and Mission of the Business Promotion Offices - Jerusalem Municipality

Role and Mission of the Business Promotion Offices

​What are the roles and missions of the Business Promotion Offices?


  1. To serve as the long arm of the Business Development Division in the field.
  2. To serve existing and new business owners as a center of knowledge and expertise.
  3. To act as an "entryway" for potential entrepreneurs arriving in the business area.
  4. To build an identity for the industry or commercial area of the business promotion office.
  5. To build a business mix which matches the identity of the area, and to implement it through marketing and branding of the area.
  6. To act proactively in locating young entrepreneurs, including firms working outside the city and abroad, as well as businesses with great potential.
  7. To accompany businesses through the bureaucratic rigors of the municipal system.
  8. To promote processes and deal with ongoing problems vis-à-vis the authorities – government ministries, the municipality and its divisions.
  9. The construction of business complexes – to date, business complexes have been constructed at Bezalel Shatz, Shlomzion, Nahalt Shiva, Even Israel, in the nightlife area in the city center and on Jaffa Street.