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First steps when making Aliyah

Information Courtesy of The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption​


Open a bank account

​A bank account should be opened as soon as possible so that the monies you received at the airport may be deposited.
In addition, financial assistance that you will later receive from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and National Insurance grants will be deposited in this account.

In the case of an immigrant family - the bank account must be registered in the name of both spouses!

Documents that you will need to open a bank account:

immigration certificate of both spouses, or, notarized power of attorney if one cannot come to the bank.

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Visit the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

​You must arrive at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption bureau in your district of residence during your first several days.

The purpose of the visit:

  • To inform the Ministry of your bank details so that monies may be deposited directly into your account.
  • To receive information and guidance about the absorption basket or income insurance, rental assistance (rent), education possibilities for children and assistance from other ministries.
  • To receive information on ulpans in your area and referral to Hebrew ulpans.
  • In order to expedite payments of the obsorption basket, upon opening your bank account go to the information desk at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption with your bank account form and deposit slip. They will register your payment information for futuuure electronic deposits.
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Financial assistance for immigrants not entitled to the absorption basket

For an individual –

income insurance depends on presenting a monthly confirmation of your participation in continuous studies in an ulpan.

For a family –

income insurance depends on presenting a monthly confirmation of ulpan studies of both spouses, or general low income in the family . During the first 6 months you should request consultation with your absorption advisor regarding potential additional financial assistance.


For Immigrants not requiring an ulpan –

income insurance depends on presenting to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption studies at a morning course or at a guidance center - see chapter on Financial Assistance.

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Registration to an Ulpan

​Knowledge of the Hebrew language is one of the most important elements in a successful absorption.

You should learn Hebrew as soon as possible after your arrival in Israel. It is not recommended to delay this, as your rights for assistance in this field is valid only for a short time following your immigration.

For additional information click here

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Selection of a Place of Residence

​Existing housing options include:

  • Renting an apartment in the private market.
  • Renting an apartment on a kibbutz – ''Bayit Rishon Bamoledet''.
  • Temporary accommodation with relatives.
  • Immigration centers (for people who have early arrangements).
  • Kibbutz ulpan.

Immigrants who receive the absorption basket – receive rental assistance as part of the ''basket''.

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Contacting Local Authorities

​You can receive the following services from the Local Authority:

  • Reduction in city tax (Arnona) given to new immigrants for one year during their first two years in the country.
  • Registration in day care centers, preschools and schools – in the Education Department in the Local Authorities.
  • Receive special assistance for handicapped or seriously ill patients – Welfare Department in Local Authority.
  • Receive assistance from local community Aliyah facilitators at the local centers for immigrants
  • Receive advice and guidance for actualization of Oleh rights.


Required Documented:

  • Immigrant certificate
  • Rental contract
  • Documents certifying disability or illness.

Receiving additional information and assistance from the Jerusalem municipal absorption authority via your local Aliyah coordinator, language based project coordinators and the Aliyah rights information center.

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Registration for health insurance

​You must immediately register for health insurance. Without insurance, you will not be able to receive medical care.

You must register at the Post Office by filling out a registration form stating which health fund you have chosen. Both spouses are required to be present. You must pay a registration fee. With this form, you must contact the health fund of your choice in order to receive a membership card and medical treatment as needed.

Required documents:

  • Immigration certificate
  • Identity certificate or population registry extract.
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Child allowance/ old age pension from the National Insurance Institute

  • Immigrants who are entitled to the absorption basket will receive these grants directly into the bank account whose details they submitted to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
  • Immigrants who are not entitled to the absorption basket must contact the office of the National Insurance Institute closest to their home and fill in a form requesting child allowance or old age pension. The allowance is deposited directly into your bank account.

Required documents:

Immigration certificate and identity certificate - or population registry extract.

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Application for Identity Certificate and Israeli Passport

​To order an identity certificate and/or Israeli passport, and in order to change any information in your identification certificate, you must contact the bureau of the Ministry of Interior closest to your home.

Required documents:

  • Immigration certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or divorce certificate, or death certificate of deceased spouse
  • Airport registration form
  • Passports of all family members
  • Two passport photos.
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Replacing your international driver's license with an Israeli license

​If you have an international driver's license, you may use it for up to three months from the date of immigration.

After this date, you must replace it with an Israeli license.
This is done at the License Bureau.

Required documents:

  • Immigration certificate
  • International driver's license.
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