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JerusalemJerusalem<a href="/en/Absorption/Jerusalem/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/city/5.jpg">5.jpg</a>Beyond culture and history, Jerusalem has much to offer its residents.
Olim ServicesOlim Services<a href="/en/Absorption/Services/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Business/2.jpg">2.jpg</a>There are many services available to help Olim integrate into Jerusalem.
EducationEducation<a href="/en/Absorption/HigherEducation/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Education/hadracha.jpg">hadracha.jpg</a>Education in Israel is different than what it was in birth countries. There are many schools and steps to take in order to register.
Higher Education Higher Education <a href="/en/Absorption/HigherEducation/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Business/5_1.jpg">5_1.jpg</a>Jerusalem offers outstanding opportunities in Higher Education. Here is what you need to know
Study Hebrew Study Hebrew <a href="/en/Absorption/HebrewLearning/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Education/homework_1.jpg">homework_1.jpg</a><p>Learning Hebrew is imperative for new immigrants. Here is what you need to know</p>
EmploymentEmployment<a href="/en/Absorption/Employment/Pages/default.aspx">default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Business/1.jpg">1.jpg</a><p>Finding work is one of the many things that the city of Jerusalem wants to help you with. From helping translate or write your CV to directing you on where you can go to find employment, the city of Jerusalem is with you.</p>
HousingHousing<a href="/en/Absorption/Pages/housingJerusalem.aspx"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/ichtm.gif" />housingJerusalem.aspx</a>housingJerusalem.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby/Construction/taba.jpg">taba.jpg</a><p>Deciding where to live in Jerusalem is important. Here is some material to help you with your search</p>
Communities Absorbing Olim Communities Absorbing Olim <a href="/en/Absorption/OlimAbsorbingCommunities/Pages/default.aspx"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/ichtm.gif" />default.aspx</a>default.aspx<a href="/SiteCollectionImages/PicLobby_Eng/Residents/Community1.jpg">Community1.jpg</a><p>Communities Absorbing Olim ​</p>

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Guatemalan Embassy, Welcome Home!https://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/GuatemalanEmbassy.aspxGuatemalan Embassy, Welcome Home!<p>​In advance of the return of the Embassy of Guatemala to Jerusalem, the city has illuminated the Old City walls with flags of Guatemala, Israel, and the US and a message thanking President Jimmy Morales Cabrera of Guatemala. </p>5/15/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
US Embassy in Jerusalemhttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/USEmbassyinJerusalem-.aspxUS Embassy in Jerusalem<p>​Barkat: "This is not a dream - it's reality! This morning, I am proud and excited to install the first signs for the US embassy, which will open next week in Jerusalem. I thank President Trump for making this historic moment come to fruition. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people - and the world is beginning to recognize this fact. Happy Jerusalem Day!"</p>5/6/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
PM Netanyahu and Mayor Barkat agree to create a team to address the issue of commercial land owned by the Churcheshttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/commerciallandChurches.aspxPM Netanyahu and Mayor Barkat agree to create a team to address the issue of commercial land owned by the Churches<p>​PM Netanyahu and Mayor Barkat agree to create a team led by Minister Hanegbi to address the issue of commercial land owned by the Churches</p>2/28/2018 10:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריךMunicipality
Mayor Barkat hosts in honor of the Opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalemhttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/OpeningUSEmbassy.aspxMayor Barkat hosts in honor of the Opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem<p>​Mayor Barkat hosts Presidential and Congressional Delegations in honor of the Opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem</p>5/13/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
The construction work at the entrance to the city is continuinghttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/trafficarrangementsMarch18.aspxThe construction work at the entrance to the city is continuing<p>Starting 15.3.18, work will continue at the intersections adjacent to the entrance to the city. The Shazar Boulevard will be closed to traffic between Nordau Blvd. and Agrippas Street for about 48 months, and special traffic arrangements will be implemented in the area. Information can be found at a WhatsApp hotline at 054-8848323 and at the Municipal Center 106.</p>2/25/2018 10:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
Work to Upgrade Teddy Stadium is Underwayhttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/TeddyStadium.aspxWork to Upgrade Teddy Stadium is Underway<p>​Once the stadium is completely covered, Teddy Stadium will be the largest covered stadium in Israel, it will boast advanced amplification systems, renovated dressing rooms, warmup areas and the players' tunnel, and team benches will be upgraded.</p>4/17/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
United States Squarehttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/UnitedStatesSquare.aspxUnited States Square<p>​Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has decided that the square adjacent to the new embassy in the capital will be called "United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump"</p>5/12/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
CAR2GO in Jerusalem!https://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/CAR2GO.aspxCAR2GO in Jerusalem!<p>​The car-sharing service CAR2GO is coming to the capital. The idea is simple: with CAR2GO, you have a private car that will be yours only when you want. Want to go to a wedding, to the seashore, to IKEA, on a trip, or for a work meeting? No problem.</p>4/14/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך
Jerusalem Municipality Wins 1st-Place Awardhttps://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/firstPlaceAward.aspxJerusalem Municipality Wins 1st-Place Award<p>​The Jerusalem Municipality won today (Wednesday, April 25th, 2018) a first-place finish in the Israel Center for Management’s competition for Excellence in Service and Customer Experience in the Public Sector.</p>4/29/2018 9:00:00 PM12/31/1969 4:00:00 PMללא תאריך

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Citizen Advice Service (CAS)Citizen Advice Service (CAS)​CAS is a universal municipal service for the residents of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, seeking help to implement their rights and to solve various issues in a variety of areas. CAS is operated in Jerusalem by the Welfare Division (The Jerusalem Municipality), in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare. 12/30/2017 10:00:00 PM<img alt=" " src="/SiteCollectionImages/PicMessage/Employment/Employment.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />https://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Residents/Community/Pages/CitizenAdviceService(CAS).aspx
Making Service Accessible with Sign LanguageMaking Service Accessible with Sign Language​The Jerusalem Municipality in Proud to Present Making Municipality Services Accessible to the Hearing Impaired3/18/2017 10:00:00 PM<img alt=" " src="/Residents/PlanningandBuilding/Accessibility/Accessibility/PublishingImages/Signlang.JPG?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />https://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/SignLanguage.aspx
Jerusalem Municipality AppJerusalem Municipality AppWe have taken our technology up a notch! Access the website and download “Yerushalmi” – the new Jerusalem Municipality app. 6/4/2016 9:00:00 PM<img alt="" src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/app_mess1.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />https://www.jerusalem.muni.il/en/Municipality/Municipal info/Pages/JerusalemMunicipalityNewApp.aspx



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