Additional Olim Services in Jerusalem

​The Jerusalem Municipal Olim Absorption Authority offers a large variety of services and benefits:

Personal Escort

  • Aliyah Promotional Project – Municipal Project in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
  • Pre-Aliyah services – Assistance in registration to municipal educational frameworks, Assistance in finding residence, assistance in organizing community needs.
  • 15 community absorption coordinators – working through the community administrations throughout the city. These coordinators offer services in educational, cultural, sports, administrative and social needs areas at the various community centers. Special in Jerusalem!



  • Short term housing for first days/week at subsidized rate available.
  • Discount of 90% on Arnona Tax for 12 months of rental within the first 2 years for olim.


Learning Hebrew

  • Ulpan Centers for Hebrew Language - offer programs at different levels, varied sessions per week and varied hours.
  • A special Ulpan for young academic adults is offered by the Jewish Agency for Israel at the Ulpan Etzion, Beit Canada campus . The Ulpan offers a residential and non-residential program with a rich cultural program combined with the intensive ulpan. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Special School Ulpanim for elementary and post-elementary school children. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Summer Day Camp Ulpan for school aged children conducted during the month of August. Special in Jerusalem!
  • A large range of Ulpanim offered to olim (in addition to the central ulpan) by private sector and public sector organizations, Academic institutions, and commercial schools.



  • Learning centers are available throughout the city at the local absorption facilities. The centers offer enrichment and study programs for school age children.
  • Jerusalem offers a large selection of Public and Private schools within a broad religious spectrum. Also available are a broad range of learning methods offered by specialized schools. Special in Jerusalem!



  • Municipal employment center for academics and olim offers assistance in job search and job placement . Courses for professional training are also offered.
  • MATI – (merkaz tipuach yazamut) center for entrepreneurial encouragement offers professional coaching, support and advisory for establishing small businesses and startups.
  • Jerusalem has a broad employment base – tourism, hotel industry, medical and paramedical fields, biomed, government offices, international liason offices, world press and news centers, International fund raising and charitable organizations. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Har Chotzvim is one of the leading hitech industrial parks in Israel. Among the companies located there are Intel, IDT, NDS, Teva, Amdocs, Data Technologies, etc. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Jerusalem has 6 technological parks and Industrial centers that host more than 500 companies. More than 50% of those companies are on the cutting edge of HiTech development. Special in Jerusalem!
  • One million square meters of commercial, office, hotel, and business space are being built at the western entrance to the city.



  • Tuition subsidies for olim students who fit the criterion are available for higher education.
  • Jerusalem is home to more than 30 institutions of Higher education that are recognized by the Student Authority of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. Among those schools is the Hebrew University – an internationally ranked institution. Special in Jerusalem!


Culture and Leisure

  • World Cultures Center – Harmonia – Center for culture and art that bridges and melds artist olim and the general olim population with the Israel cultural scene. The center helps produce and present new creations by Israeli and olim artists for viewing by the olim and general public. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Yeushalmi Card - Issued free to new olim with a 2 year validity date. Tens of discounts for cultural, culinary, sports, and leisure events and purchases are available. Additional commercial discounts and reduced parking rates are also given to Yerushalmi card owners. Special in Jerusalem!
  • Community olim programming via the local community centers including street fairs, community festivals, street events and special yearly events open to the general public.


Additional Services and Guidance

  • Olim guidance and assistance is available through Bet Kehilot Olim. (Olim societies house).
  • Tzeirim Bmaerkaz (Youth in the Center) – Center for guidance and assistance for Jerusalem young adults. Programs are available for employment, culture, community involvement, aliyah and higher education.