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1/1/1970 2:00 AM

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New Immigrant Student Authority

1,224 new immigrant students studying in Jerusalem receive financial assistance from the New Immigrant Student Authority. On the Authority’s website, the new immigrant student can find information regarding eligibility for aid, Hebrew study ulpans and preparatory programs and help with application procedures to gain acceptance to study programs in Israel.
* Information current as of 2009


Jerusalem Student Authority for Immigrant Students

15 Rehov Hillel, Jerusalem 94581
Tel: 02-6214538/43
Fax: 02-621-4601

Come learn with us - the brochure for Israel Student Authority

Shahak Program - Community Social Services

Shahak is a program for immigrant students in which they can receive a financial stipend in exchange for volunteer work in the social service organization of their choosing. The financial aid is granted for the second or third year of study depending on eligibility.
In addition to granting them the financial aid, the program facilitates the students exposure to demographic sectors to which they would not usually have access and helps them gain professional experience with different streams of Israeli society.
For more information regarding subsidies for immigrants students - information is available in various languages:
Maya (French) - 02-621-4540
Rachel (Spanish) - 02-621-4543
Julia (Russian) - 02-621-4507

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