Community Learning Centers in the Neighborhoods
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Community Learning Centers in the Neighborhoods

​Many of the community centers throughout the city run learning centers for new immigrants. In these centers, students can be tutored in Hebrew, mathematics, computers and English, get help with their homework etc.


Pisgat Ze’ev

​This a Learning Center for immigrant elementary, middle and high school students and is open in the afternoon hours throughout the school year. The staff offer the students help in preparing homework and support in a variety of subjects, including Hebrew, mathematics, computers, English and others.
For more details: Varda Eitan - Absorption Coordinator for Pisgat Ze’ev.

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​The Learning Center in “Yovlim” for kindergarten and Grade 1 age children is designated for immigrant children only. They offer activities including reading and writing workshops, plays, meet-the-artist and story hour. The program is called “Hebrew for the Whole Family” because of its emphasis on parental involvement.
For elementary school age students there is a Learning Center for both locals and immigrants where teachers help students in their mother tongue in bible studies, language studies, mathematics and English.
For grades 7-8 there is a mixed program for both local and immigrant students, where the emphasis is on strengthening Hebrew language skills through helping the students in the other subjects, while speaking Hebrew.
For grades 11-12 there is a mixed program which prepares children of immigrants for the matriculation subjects in small groups, according to the changing needs of the students.
For more details: Svetlana Bogdalov - Absorption Coordinator for the “Yovlim” neighborhoods.

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Gonenim (Katamonim)

​In this Center there are 3 learning groups for immigrants: elementary school, middle school and high school. The learning programs are dynamic and designed to be appropriate for each age group.
For more details: Svetlana Pdotenko – Absorption Coordinator for the neighborhood of Gonenim.

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​The Center is intended for elementary school children currently studying in a Hebrew language ulpan. It is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 13:00-15:00. The center is run by two teachers and two girls fulfilling their national service and it offers help and support primarily in mathematics and Jewish studies. During the summer break the Center continues to function as a learning camp.
For more details: Chantal Assulin - Bakaa Absorption Coordinator.

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Har Homa

The center is open 3 afternoons a week and offers help in: mathematics, bible, Hebrew, and science. Sometimes there are other activities at the center for example: museum visits in the city, etc.
For more details: Michelle Cohen - Har Homa Absorption Coordinator

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​The Center is open 2 afternoons a week - one afternoon for boys, one afternoon for girls. It provides assistance to elementary school students in mathematics, Bible studies, Hebrew and sometimes other fields depending on the specific needs of the child.
For more details

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East Talpiot

​This is a Learning Center designated for children in grades 8-12. It is open 3 afternoons a week. Among other services offered, the Center provides help in English, computers, mathematics, Hebrew, preparation for the bagrut (matriculation) tests and more. The Center offers some extra-curricular activities such as a make-up application workshop, dance and computers.
For more details: Eli Berger - East Talpiot Absorption Coordinator.

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