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English Media

​News in English

​The English Kol Israel news is now on REKA - click to listen

For updated broadcasting times, visit website.Reception table for different zones.

101.3FM Jerusalem, 94.4FM Galil, 93.7FM Haifa, 101.2FM Tel Aviv, 107.3FM Be'er Sheva, 954AM Central / Southern Israel, 1575AM in the North.

 In Jerusalem only:

 88.2FM (NOT 88.0FM, which is a different Kol Israel network) Note the additional 10 pm broadcast - this is a relay of the international broadcast (Reshet Hey), heard by shortwave listeners overseas.

 IBA English TV news

 (25 min) is now at 5 pm on Sunday-Thursday on Israel Channel 3 (33 on cable) instead of  at 4:50 pm. On Friday and Saturday, it is at 6 pm.

 On Israel Channel 1, a short 9 minute version is broadcasted at 4:50 pm on Sunday-Thursday  only. Some radios have a problem receiving 88.2FM, since 88.0FM is so close to it.





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