About the Business Promotion Division

The Business Promotion Division was established in the second half of 2009. The Division was established as part of a vision to economically develop the city, by adopting a customer approach for those taking advantage of the service from the Municipality. Thus, during its first meeting, the Economic and Employment Development Committee, led by the Mayor, made the decision to establish the Division.

The vision: cultivating small and medium-sized businesses in the city as an engine for urban growth, while increasing private investment in the city; developing a positive, supportive working environment for entrepreneurs, ensuring that they feel that the Municipality is working to help and to promote them; defining clear policy for the improvement of  the city's appearance and public spaces through effective enforcement and implementation of the policy in the field; achieving a balance between the interests of entrepreneurs and urban policies regarding public order.

  List of officials at the Division:
Inbal MosesDirector of the Business Promotion Division02-6298075
Nir NechmadDeputy Director of the Division02-6297260​
Nagar LirazProfessional Assistant for the Division Director02-6297887
Moshe DahanCommissioner for Business Licensing and Deputy Division Director02-6297763
Ruth TzafdiaDirector of Signage Department02-6296855
Ofer YonaDirector of the Enforcement & Control Department02-6296641
Hagar Mazor-AchdutDirector of Billboard Advertising02-6297143
Eran RikanDirector, Peddling and Mass Events02-6295609


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