Guidelines for Upgrading Commercial Facades

Guidelines for Upgrading Commercial Facades

​The City Centre and the Old City are very special areas and the most important in Jerusalem; and indeed, in recent years many efforts and resources have been invested in reviving the City Centre and the Old City and improving public space. Although the facades of the businesses are not in the public domain, they still constitute a most significant layer in its appearance.

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11/25/2013 12:00 PM


So far around 300 windows have been upgraded in the City Centre, mostly along the Jaffa Road, and many new businesses have been opened, that boast standard and beautiful display windows. These data are encouraging and we hope that they will provide a source of inspiration to additional business owners in the City Centre and the Old City.

We turn to each and one of you to upgrade your business display window and thereby take responsibility for your part in improving trade and appearance in the City Centre and the Old City and contribution thereto. Given the public importance of the success of this project in the City Centre, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Eden Company offer financial subsidies and professional advice to businesses for upgrading their facades.
Remember that an attractive facade helps branding the business space as an exclusive area and business owners will get economic benefit both individually and collectively.

The purpose of this booklet is to set uniform and appropriate standards for business facades in the City Centre and the Old City.

The guidelines relate to the external upgrade of the display window, but we call upon you to pay attention to the design and installation of decorative lighting in the window and to the styling of the interior of the business as a whole.

The upgrade process, as well as the brochure, has been planned in coordination with the Business Owners Committee and the City Centre Communal Administration, through reaching joint consents. It must be
remembered that any change in the facade of the business, may it be even the smallest one, must be coordinated with the municipality. In the Old City an approval from the Antiquities Authority must be obtained.

For more details

Applications concerning the upgrade of commercial facades:
City Centre: City Centre Communal Administration - Rachel Ben Moshe: 02-6235780
The Eden Company: 02-6297966
The Old City: Old City Communal Administration - Ariberto: 02-6214771
The Jerusalem Development Authority: 02-6295398 






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